Suggestions Needed Plz

My sis diagnosed SZ 29 yrs ago. She had a baby 5yrs in never put back on meds til she ended up in jail for child abuse when he was 3 because a dirty spot on new shoelaces. she lost custody & my mom got it but judge allowed my sis to remain in the same house because mom said she would b homeless if she had to leave house. living arrangement same as before she beat him. mom allowed her to believe she had full custody. skip to present day. she still lives in moms house w my nephew. mom passed in '11 left me the house but a life estate for my sis. ( my daddy died when i was ten & sis 12). put a few rules she had to follow or i could kick her out. rules like maintain inside&outside, maint, keep clean, pay taxes. she broke all rules first. few months after mom passed. taxes were paid cause she had what she stole from moms acct plus tiny bit saved from her ss$. About one yr ago SS sent her a ltr saying she is still SZ she not as bad. can work now, medical & $ stopping next check. she refused to appeal because they had a secret meeting about her & she would lose appeal. i called SS asking for help. she refuses to sign poa si i could appeal for her. she hasn’t had med ins or her meds almost 1 yr. Told some meds still in her system from being on them for so long. she is refusing to work at all, anywhere, period. has refused to clean & cant wash dishes w broken sink but it’s kept secret from me. i cabt call her cause she had phine turned off day after letter. has no $ to buy food, has refused to apply for food stamps. she is making my nephew/her son, pay all bills for house, food, anything they need. he doesnt make alot, just enough to b broke couple days b4 next check. she has taught him to do nothing for the house. inside hasnt been cleaned in years, trash all over table, kitchen sink leaking. dirty dishes all over kitchen. all furniture ripped to shreds by 2 cats i never knew about. I am recovering from ruptured brain aneurysm & stroke few yrs ago. i cant drive to check on house. family 2hrs away but they wont help in any way wont answer ph, return calls. so its me against them. i have my own house & still learning how to clean. use vacuum inside house, not lawnmower. im living in a nightmare & having her refuse to do anything to help makes me very angry. wish i wouldnt have survived. can she b 302 for not feeding herself? she caused my nephew to sink in to deep depression from living w her. he rarely talks. lawyer said she violated will so i can evict. i dont know what to do . she dont care wh should i? this decision is making me & waiting for heartattack. i’m a monster if i evict my sick sis, even tho she said it’s ok. if i dont evict i’m stupid for letting them cause more damage & house will be taken for unpaid taxes. if i evict could sell “as is” & hope to make some $. hate her for putting me in this position. i dont know what to do & cant make a decision like this. She tortured me even after I moved out. One day, one comment made me have minor nervous breakdown. She just sits around & stares. has no friends & no where to go.

The problem is that this defies mere schizophrenia. This is a moral problem. People who have mental illness, yet are willing to break moral codes or laws to get their way, are still subject to the laws & codes.

Yes, is it easier to break laws because of mental illness? Of course, but that’s the burden we are meant to bare.

If I were you, I’d just sell the home and live independently. I wouldn’t want to bare the burden of an immoral person on my conscience 24/7. That’s harder work than it should be. There are plenty of social services & safety nets to help people like her out - group home settings, SSi, foodshare, etc… She should be more than fine on her own.

  1. I think you will find a lot of useful material here about how to see what is happening and what to do to protect yourself. (Because if you don’t, there may be no one to help her.)

  2. Get a copy of this book and read it. Have your family read it, too.

  3. If she needs a professional intervention, tell me where you live, and I will get back to you with leads to those services.

  4. Get her properly diagnosed by a board-certified psychopharmacologist who specializes in the psychotic disorders. One can find them at…
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