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Suicidal Schizophrenia

Looking for advice on what to do or say to my sister who is 57 years committed to a psychiatric hospital due to many schizophrenia episodes and constantly threatening to kill herself…

Medicine just doesn’t seem to help her? She was into drugs for sometime and I believe she was born with a chemical imbalance?


I wish I could tell you the right thing to say, but there is no right thing… at least not that we get to know in this lifetime. All you can do is love them unconditionally and make sure they know it.

What does the medical staff say? Does she have a regular doctor? ECT is treatment used with good results for depression. You might want to look at the AP drug Clozapine, although I’m not sure how specifically it may or may not help with depression.

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Clozapine is sometimes a huge help in drug resistant schizophrenics like my son. It is thought to decrease suicidal ideation as well.