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Talking to voices more than me real people


This feels like it’s never going to stop. The non stop conversations are making me nuts. Once in awhile I ask what? I think that he is talking to me. Nope. When he does talk to me its just about him and his needs and wants. New one or constant one. He wants to buy acres of land and live there. He knows that I have a little money for my needs and expenses and thinks that I am stopping him from helping our families and the whole world. I really miss my fiancee. I am worried. I went grocery shopping for him because now he is so busy looking for a house and or land which he cannot afford. His busy is talking to the voices or he turns on the tv and talks to the people…can’t hear the tv at all.
At 3 am and for for no reason he started screaming and yelling at the walls. Saying things like get your guns. I’m not afraid to die. Come on cowards come and get me. I was physically shaking. I thought for sure his neighbors were going to call the police No. He told me that he has super hearing. Laat night I spent the night again at his apartment and he didn’t stop until almost 4am. He fell asleep on the couch with the lights on and I didn’t turn them off because I didn’t want to wake him. He was up before 8am. He barely sleeps. He talks to the voices so much that I keep thinking that hes talking to me. Then I say what and his reply…not you. Even when I just got home and I’m exhausted… I called him and he was talking to the voices when he picked up the phone so I had to wait and then he kept our conversation very short…mumbled something and hung up the phone and turned it off.
He wants to buy a house now because when he lived at his parents house and they left their own home because they felt threatened…he told me how great he felt and that he wasn’t scared and nobody bothered him. He was on some small dose of medication then but never on what the pdoc prescribed I worry about him so much.


The “bottomless pit”. I wanted to add that approx a week ago we were in a store together and getting a few things. Stupid me…I asked if he needed anything else and he told me that once it was opened it had to be thrown away. He started swearing and calling me names. He set the hand basket down and walked out still carrying on and all the way back home. It is getting so much worse.


I am so sorry this is happening. I understand totally. It is so very hard to listen to the constant outpouring of conversation, sometimes loud, sometimes aggressive. The same thing goes on in my home most days (and nights). The right medicine can stop it (from experience) but if he won’t take medicine, it is likely to just go on and on.