Tardive dyskinesia

I noticed this weekend that my 19 y/o stepson is having twitches on the left side of his face near his lips. He hasnt noticed it yet, and i didnt want to bring it to his attention. I told his dad to pay attention and see if he notices it. I thought this only happened to those who have been on anti-psychotics for numbers of years? He was diagnosed a year ago and only been on his current med for 6 months. He did recently stop taking his Depakote but is still taking the Zyprexa. Not sure if him coming off the Depakote could trigger it? He said the doctor took him off it… not 100% sure i believe that without it being replaced with another medication. Anyone else have a loved one that got the involuntary facial movements after only being on the medicine for 6 months?

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TD happens at random. Some people get it earlier and some people get it later. I’ve used antipsychotics for 28 years (most of the time 1. Gen at a very high dose) and I’ve not got it yet.


I think that the TD needs to be brought to the doctor’s attention. Perhaps the depakote is needed to go with your son’s Zyprexa.