Therapeutic consultants?


I have a 28 year old son who has relapsed into psychosis and is unwilling to take meds again (as is unfortunately true of many of our loved ones). He is quite paranoid and has receded into himself. I am very worried, but do not wish to contact crisis intervention unless it is absolutely necessary. He has already experienced significant trauma in his life. His initial psychotic break in 2020 as well as his most recent relapse this past fall were both triggered by trauma among other things.

I recently learned about consultants known as therapeutic consultants, or some use the title, psychiatric and behavioral consultants. They are supposedly less aggressive than drug interventionists in trying to intervene to support troubled loved ones. I am not convinced that this kind of person would be able to reach my son given that he is quite mistrustful and withdrawn, and in an extremely self-protective mode.

Have any of you had experience (positive or negative) with this type of consultant?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

I am sorry that you are experiencing this hard situation. As far as my understanding all the trained consultants are part of the therapy plan. Since this type of disorders are originated from the brain organ which is the most complex structure in our body, tackling the disorders of mind requires approaches from many angels and yet there is no one medicine or treatment plan that can work for all and it needs to be individualized. I can say never give up hope and try any treatment plan that he is willing to commit to follow. Also try 988. Best of wishes for you.

Thank you very much for your feedback.