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Therapist opinion on delusions

I talked to a therapist about my loved ones delusions and their response was that I should watch and pay attention to the delusions because:

  1. The delusions are rooted from a previous experience

  2. A delusion could represent a fantasy that my love has

Anyone else hear something similar from a therapist? Many of my loved ones delusions would be considered scary or disturbing if it were true.

Like others have shared my loved one has had delusions about all types of abuse(including sexual abuse). I was alarmed to hear a therapist say that delusions can also be an indication of fantasy or something they have done.

I thought delusions mostly represented what my love one is afraid of.

Yep, I see it!
My son is not so vocal about his delusions, but they are mixed. He has delusions that he’s a famous rap star because he loves rap so much which is from previous experiences, but there are also the my dad raped his baby delusions and that is definitely not from a previous experience. My son is getting back into therapy with a good program and I hope we see some progress. Xo

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Your therapist is an idiot and unqualified to speak about schizophrenia clearly. The average therapist does not have much education. For something as serious as schizophrenia, you would best see a clinical psychologist. In any event, I can tell you delusions have nothing to do with previous experience or fantasy.

An example would be the delusion that there are chips implanted into a person’s body to monitor them. This clearly cannot be a form of previous experience or fantasy.


That’s an interesting one. My loved one’s delusions are most often him believing completely radical things that I’M doing, things that I’ve never, ever done. I’ve often wondered if maybe they are things that somebody in his past may have actually done to him. But his biggest delusions are usually him NOT believing that very serious, abusive things have happened to him that are very, very much real and had a very real effect on his life, our life and our families lives. His very own actions and desperately poor choices he’s acted on, (wether he’s been in crisis at the time or not) he claims are being made up by us. Looks a lot like a serious lack of accountability, and if it weren’t for the confabulation thing of a sz person, he’d be guilty of slander and heavy duty gaslighting. It’s hard to imagine I could fit these behaviors into ‘fantasy’, but I guess I can see where the therapist was coming from.

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@skyler.hayden thanks for sharing. This is good to know. What kind of program is your son entering? Is it a special type of therapy to help with delusions?

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@Lirik yes I think I need to speak with a psychologist or a therapist that has a lot of experience with schizophrenia. That’s why I’m glad I can ask questions here and get feedback from people who really know.

@Wisdom thank you for sharing. I definitely think my loved one confabulates a lot and I took it to be lack of accountability and gas lighting. Didn’t even realize that was a term to describe what I am dealing with. The accusations against me are very extreme. I understand about the slander as well.

Yes, we just moved from Los Angeles to Orange County Ca. and we just met with his therapist and case manager and they did his intake, so we’re just getting started. But, I can tell it’s a much better program already! I knew the services were not the best in LA, but we’ll soon see exactly how bad they were. Also, in Seal Beach we have a new Chief of Police and he states he wants to help the oppressed with resources not punishment. My son has already received 2 tickets, one for flicking his cigarette - ok I get that. The other for ashing his cigarette on his bike tire - what? I called the police department pretty hot asking if I can meet with someone so that we can work together as allies with my son. That he is seriously mentally ill and we know that 1 in 4 that die by the police are mentally ill. I know that he is on their radar, so I’m going to try and nip this in the butt asap. I told the SBPD that I will have to call the ADA to assist with his court appearances and she really paid attention to that buzz word. So, I’m waiting for their call to see how willing they’ll be to assist. Sigh, never a dull day in the life of my beautiful son! Sorry to go on, guess I needed to vent. Happy Thursday! :heart:

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While the therapist’s view of delusions might be true for some people, it doesn’t sound like what i’ve heard from my son or a lot of the people on the diagnosed forum.
My son has believed that aliens are coming to kill him, that I am an alien, that I may try to poison him, etc.

I agree that a lot of therapists don’t seem to know much about psychosis. There must be some who really focus on it, but I haven’t found one yet,

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“I agree that a lot of therapists don’t seem to know much about psychosis. There must be some who really focus on it, but I haven’t found one yet”. True. And it is both an outrage and a failure.

My sons therapist has been wonderful for over 3 yrs. but sadly nothing has changed for him due to his Anosognosia. :frowning: He also insists that the Dr. has implanted GPS in his ear and it has been removed and inserted many times is what his delusion/belief is.
This MI has exhausted and depleted me completely. I am so sorry that this is part of LIFE… So NOT Fair… feeling very down.

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@2frustrated-I 'm sorry you are down and I agree it is so not fair. I hope you can do something nice or relaxing for yourself…Easier said than done, I realize. Thinking of you.

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Stay strong it’s the only way❤️