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Therapy with medicine?

I’m curious how many of your loved ones are in some type of therapy? I’m asking because I wonder if they go when they are psychotic? I’ve been not sending my son when he has a bad episode. I don’t know if I’m helping him or not? I didn’t think he would get much out of it without being stable. Yet it seems necessary for them. Any response would be appreciated from family or consumer.

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I was actually thinking about the same thing today!

My daughter has a therapist, a case worker and a psychiatrist. She rarely goes to her therapy meeting mainly because public transportation scares her. She also misses many of her doctor appointment for the same reason. Because of what my family has recently gone through – several hospitalizations her therapist talked with me about working together so that she has her doctor’s and therapist appointments on the same day where her doctor’s appointment follows the therapy appointment so she doesn’t have to wait in the waiting room or come back another day for a therapy appointment.

I was not taking my daughter to her appointments because I’m raising her children and have to be home by a certain time to pick up the kids at the bus stop. I’ve asked my daughter many, many times to schedule them so I can take her but she has such a hard time organizing her day that she always would forget. Recently I took it upon myself to call her therapist and ask her for us to work together make sure both appointments were held on the same day and where I can take her instead of her taking public transportation she is so fearful of.

Do the therapy meetings help? It’s hard to say because of her paranoia and also how literal my daughter takes everything. I’m cautiously optimistic that this new arrangement will help my daughter and that she can get the help she so desperately needs. First because she actually comes to her appointments and second because the therapist and doctor understand I’m supporting my daughter and keeping a good eye on things. In other words the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Like you I have had my doubts about therapy when she is actively psychotic or delusional but right now I’m desperately trying to believe it will help. Good luck Mom2. I know exactly how you feel.

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I think it helps them to do some talk therapy, but other more structured therapy may not work out.

I had a couple therapists this past year tell me that my son just wasn’t capable of doing therapy in the state he was in. They felt he needed to get stable on meds first.

He also had some delusions about one therapist and actually became a bit obsessed with her. He was sure she did some sexual stuff with him during appointments. That can become dangerous for the therapist, although she hung in there with him through all the crazy voicemails and everything. He even went so far as to find a Facebook page for a porn actress and tell me that’s what she did when she was off work. To be fair, the actress looked almost exactly like his therapist.

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@Mom2 I honestly think it depends on the patient’s cognitive ability. For example my son has lower cognitive function and a general lack of insight and the one time I tried therapy for him he really couldn’t engage in talk about himself in any meaningful way, beyond a recent event, for example “yesterday was my birthday” or last week my mother and I went to the movies" but if asked how do you feel about that? nothing…or “fine” almost always “fine” even when things might clearly not be fine. I would love to get him to try it again but he insists it is a ridiculous activity that serves no purpose because he is “fine” I have met patients though with much higher insight and function and when they are coherent they can discuss things in talk therapy that would likely be helpful…I don’t know if therapy can occur when the person is delusional, I personally would not see how that would be a benefit since many people who are delusional do not remember much once they become clear again…just my thoughts.

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To answer your question, most likely not. Went to his appointment today, he doesn’t want counseling.

Thank you Molly. He has started with therapists (now four) and then Go downhill and we have to postpone.

Thank you, some days he comes and goes though.

His last therapist at the community program felt uncomfortable. He probably wanted to hug her she didn’t really make a big deal about it. He told me he thought she wanted to have sex with him so now he has a new therapist.