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Sending us to the Psychosis team

Today is the third appointment with the child psychiatrist in three weeks for my son. Abilify seems to help him. The voices has been milder and he looks happier. He smiles and makes jokes.

They will send us to a bipolar/psychosis team because they are the experts. I told the child psychiatrist about my teenage years and today. She said it would be good to have us with the specialist team in september or october.

Hey Comatose, sounds like you’re doing a great job as both a patient and a parent.

I’m glad your son is getting some help… I’m glad he’s feeling better.

Good luck and I hope the team works out.

I have a 13yr old daughter that (I think) is starting to display early signs.
I am currently “long distance parenting” and not in great shape myself.
We talk about things lightly but I don’t want to scare her off with “one bad conversation”.
My relationship is amicable with her mother, however she is a depressive and may be in denial of my kid’s depression.
I know this sounds like a difficult request but any advice would be great.

Do you ever talk to your daughter alone without her mother? I was thinking maybe if you could ask her about negative thoughts. Tell her it is common to feel depressive feelings when you are a teenager. Maybe she will open up and tell you if there is more to it than depression.

But I’m not sure how you can help her other than listening to her. If she lives with her mother, I don’t know if you can get her to care if she needs it. Or if it is her mother’s decision alone. It’s hard if her mother can’t see she feels sad.

Yeah, I speak with her all the time. I talk to her in relation to how I feel/felt without really trying to dig into her emotions too much (don’t want to pry). I’m listening well. I want to keep her trust and not scare her off with psychosis talk ya know?
I just feel like there are somethings bubbling to the surface and I’m unsure how to address it.
I’m gonna call her mother and speak with her about it today.

Can I ask the name and location?

Absolutely the best stuff out there right now.

You are doing all the right things.
Her mother may see signals early since she has experienced these herself.
Anything can be accomplished as long as all of you are talking…

Thank you, that means a lot. She is my lifeline and I cannot afford to jeopardize our relationship. I’ve done enough damage as is…

Thank you @notmoses. It’s amazing how stubborn we can be :smile:

In Stockholm. Sweden. I do not know de address. But I guess it’s in St Göran’s hospital.

Sweden? You should be set. Socialist nations are the best for us mentally ill.

@Comatose I agree with mortimermouse here, though for one additional reason. Psych treatment in Scandinavia is generally the best on the planet. (Ingmar Bergman’s legacy, maybe?)