To much demand to much story!help!❤️

It’s the weekend again and the weekend of the invega shots power at the very bottom of effectiveness. Delusions of grandeur bring hostility from my son. It’s his most delusional topic his house…his card…his money. We have it holding it from him. Surprise it doesn’t exist and this very modest apartment you are destroying is what we have. The cash we spend is our last dollar for the week. He hates me I don’t know anything. Yes I know it’s his illness talking just feel trapped on how to communicate with love now days…cause nothing helps not even silence cause he demands attention of this housing …money ect. Feeling a bit sick because mental health care workers helping has had a lot of turn over and I think mental health patients need stability. Anybody else have family members with the grandeur delusions and how do you respond. Praying for peace to wrap around my family and yours Amen

Oh @Butterflyinthewind1 , I do understand the battle of trying to communicate with love when the loved one who is ill is delusional. My daughter did not have delusions of grandeur, more of persecution. She thought her step dad was sexually abusing her. I just let her call the police, there wasn’t any other way to handle her. They investigated, and her story didn’t make sense, and eventually the investigation was dropped. Horrible days. But you really can’t argue with their delusions, just find ways to deal with them. Perhaps you can tell him to call the credit card company and get a new card? Then it’s the card company telling him he doesn’t have a card and not you.

I used Dr. Amador’s LEAP method as much as possible, on each “hot” subject, one at a time. Mostly the L for listen, and the E for empathize until finally a small agreement could be worked out. Progress is one small step at a time.

Wishing you more peace.


I agree with oldladyblue’s suggestion of trying Dr Amador’s approach. I have found that listening to my daughters delusions and trying to imagine how I would feel if I were living her “reality” and asking how she is FEELING about them is very effective. It is difficult (for me, at least) to not jump in to defend myself during her delusions of mistrust and untrue accusations against me. I am learning that listening, asking questions and acknowledging her feelings help diffuse most situations.