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To the Moon and Back


My son has been quiet since mid September. I assume that those have been better days for him even though he has only left his apartment for groceries. Yesterday, that silence was broken by him yelling obscenities out his door at his dad. I should have expected it as he had gone golfing, for some reason, if he has psychosis, he moves around more outside his apartment and does more stuff. I have to assume these are the bad days - with the yelling, he’s yelling for us to stop yelling abuse at him, compared to the “good” days when he stays quiet inside his place. Yes?

So back to the fully disproven moon theory that seems to affect my son despite being bad science. HIs 6 week long, worst psychosis to date, kicked off in May with the moon being as close to the earth as it would be in 2017.

Now the moon is moving back closer and will be at its periodic “closest” (perigee) again January 1st.

We shall see.

Now be kind GSSP:slight_smile: the worst episodes Jeb has ever had, kicked off at the last 2 perigees, November of 2016 and May of 2017.


OK, MoonBeam…

The tides change during perigee so the effect is real…


Fascinating and good to know. I will try to notice if there is a difference. Thanks!


Some months we don’t get the outbreak of extreme psychosis, other full moons we do. The only thing I can see that’s different is the more extreme perigee factor. The perigee this past May which was the closest for 2017, and set off his worst and longest lasting episode to date. We were under siege for 6 weeks of round the clock angry, violent yelling and accusations . When the episode began to taper off, it was almost humorous - in a way that only our world can be seen as humorous. He went from angry, violent yelling to loud robotic-like speech accusations.

The first time we heard the robotic version we looked at each other with puzzled faces and my husband said “he just doesn’t have his heart in it anymore”. We both laughed, somehow hearing the robotic version made the whole thing feel a lot less threatening.




Observe and hypothesize. You’re applying the scientific method. This is one reason to keep a journal, then go back and look for patterns. It’s a good idea.


Face palm - I knew you would not be able to resist.


Thanks for this information… now how can we make it useful. i might make sure my son has plenty of magnesium (*calming) also, L-theanine during these times and… what else might be useful during those days especially??

Oh- now using lions mane mushrooms in powder form - a noorotropic that actually grows new nerves in the brain. Load him with the good stuff. What are other people noticing works during most stressful times?


should I be looking at an ephemeris to get the dates of the moon phase you have been most experiencing with your son?


Here we are heading toward the December full moon and mine is yelling at us from his place today. He also flared up in November when the moon grew closer. The moon will be closest on January 2. We haven’t had a moon that close since my son’s really bad 6 week long episode that started with the perigee in May.

So, moon is closer yet and its worse already than last month. Its going to be a rough New Year’s with the firework if there is anything to the theory.


Hope, Do you ever get inside to clean up? I have to take a garbage bag into my son’s room every day or it piles up. I’m trying to keep down an infestation of bugs and mice. He has switched to paper plates recently. I’m going to also get the insulated cups just because I’m tired of washing dishes. I switched to the sweet Creamer because the sugar bowl is a mess. I have had a carpet cleaner but you wouldn’t be able to tell. That carpet is ruined and I probably will have to replace it one day with something else. I’m really just curious how others manage.
I’ve been giving our son Quietapine 25 - 50 mg at bedtime and he has been taking it I think. He seems to be sleeping about 8 hours if he takes this.


All this is a big problem for me and the hardest part of all, they must do basics or no ice cream, no cookies, no cigs and they get it but it is a daily struggle.


I know it sounds shallow of me :innocent:to talk about my home and things being damaged but I have worked hard my entire life for the things I have. I was so proud of my new appliances. They are destroyed. Cast iron skillet will break stove grills if you hit it hard enough.
Hanging on a stove door will eventually cause it not to lock and if you can’t close it to lock, the oven doesn’t clean. Dishwasher works but has numerous knuckle marks (not the look I was going for). Fridge (same thing) door has been broken so many times from slamming, my husband is an expert now on fixing it. I will never buy stainless again. Might just have to wait till the beat up stuff is back in style. Does anyone out there know when that might be? :joy:
I could go on and on and I know it isn’t his fault. He never broke much as a child so I guess I’m overdue. I just wanted to rant a little. Perhaps I should hit delete. It is Christmas time.


Now, LOL,Has been for years at my place…


Curious… does ur son see the moon then react accordingly based off his observations? As if the moon is a trigger for him & when observing it makes him hav episodes into psychosis… i can see how applying a theory lik u hav would work in a controlled environment for ur son where he had no possible way to visually be aware of the moons cycles.
Since he can be aware of the moon and know visually the cycle that the moon is in, unfortunately ur scientific theory is going to be hard to factually track & get a conclusion. You would need a controlled environment & test variables to see real data.
If so… maybe this forum can help with that - i don’t knw but it does seam interesting
: )


Make wood shields & Paste the shields on the front of ur appliance :joy:… maybe it will get popular & u can sell them to save for ur new appliances :wink:
…i couldn’t help but join, ur hilarious, plus jokes & fun help


Mom2, I do get inside to clean up - once a year when he takes his yearly camping trip. The kitchen and the bathroom need a good scrub down. Both of those rooms are disgusting, but not horribly disgusting. I think he cleans up from time to time and lets it go as the time for his trip approaches. Mine has a fear of bugs, he puts bug glue traps everywhere. I think the fear of bugs is what makes him keep up with the garbage. He keeps up with the living room and bedroom, they aren’t thoroughly cleaned, but they are kept up to a decent standard.

The flooring in his place is vinyl planks throughout. I was nervous about vinyl planks - I hadn’t even heard of them. At that point in the build we were low on money and they were a cheap flooring choice. They are holding up really well, they clean up and seem to take a lot of abuse from his practicing golf on them.


I don’t think its shallow at all - oh WOW -the damage my son has done to the walls of his place. I took pictures in case I ever get him in a courtroom. He is quite concerned we have installed cameras to spy on him. We notice he doesn’t knock holes in his windows or his doors - give him time. He is focused on his light fixtures as well - has pulled one out partially out of the ceiling. Mine hits golf balls at his appliances. Instead of knuckle marks, its golf ball pings. Sort of a “beaten hammer” look. He’s not chipping the golf balls gently.

When he lived inside with us, my Polish pottery stuff showing up broken after a bad night. At first I thought it was accidental…

Christmas time is going to ramp all this stuff up.

I know what you mean, here we are, finally at a point in our lives when we can have nice things.


I don’t think seeing the moon is the issue. Of course there are lighting differences outside during full moons. From what I understand, the gravitational force of the moon and sun cause tides in the world’s oceans. Those are pretty big forces - and they are real. This gravitational force is my suspect - lol

A little background. My inlaws both suffered from dementia in their later years. The nursing home staff often spoke about full moons being an issue. My son’s original psychiatrist had mentioned that some full moons cause incredible havoc among his patients. Folklorewise, the term “lunacy” goes way back in history. The word “lunatic” has been removed from many law books - as recently as 2012 in the States. “Person of unsound mind” has been a replacement choice. I would usually be one of the first scoffers at such suggestions BUT,

When my son had to come home to live with us, 4 years ago, after his insidious form of scz finally rendered him incapable of working and living totally on his own. I did notice after a series of episodes, there was a full moon. A friend began alerting me of full moons so I would be prepared - well, sometimes, there was absolutely no change at all that I could see in my son’s behaviors. So, I figured ,it was just nonsense. Disclaimer here - lol - not a real scientist -lol

Then we had the major episode in late 2016 which took bad to an all new level, which was followed by the amazingly even worse episode of 2017. That episode was so bad, we still haven’t fully recovered here. Recently I played the one bit of him violently screaming at our house from his porch- that we did manage to record last summer - my dogs jumped up and shook. That episode lasted 6 weeks - I have written before it was like we were under siege. He would begin the violent screaming at us - what makes it violent is the agony and the anger you can hear- and he would do it without warning at any time, 24 hours a day. He would stop and start, over and over again.

I decided to track full moons and my son’s behavior. While looking at moon information, I became aware that the moon is sometimes much closer to the earth. By coincidence (or not?) these last two closer full moons coincide with my son’s major episodes.

So now I had a possible explanation for why it isn’t every full moon.


Splendid idea. Thanks for the listen. It does seem to ramp up around the holidays. I can’t explain it.