To the Mothers ( and Caregivers )


Hi HoldingFast, I read your story and its heartbreaking and those of us with mi children can relate. I’ve also been accused of enabling. It’s infuriating! What are we supposed to do with very ill children – turn our backs and tell them to toughen up. We wouldn’t say that to a family member with cancer or some other disabling illness. However I do believe our children can get very clever at manipulating us. My daughter tries that and I’m finally able to tell her that I cannot stop her threats against her own body and that she is ultimately responsible whether to live or die and that I’m not God and can’t perform miracles. And I agree our non mi children suffer greatly.



Your story sounds like mine. My family members don’t want my son to visit. And my situation is worse because my son is using too. His father is not in the picture either. My son was clean for 8 years and now again he is using. He cannot live with me and lives in a transitional house. I think having family support would help.

I pray every day that he will stop using. He says he wants to stop, but will not get help. Right now his meds seem to be working.

It is a difficult situation.