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Today my partner is telling me

She feels like she may have a heart attack
She saids she feels really weak and confused
This happened today while her blepherospasm flared up in the hot sun
She does much better with sunglasses on…
She’s telling me how she feels like she’s dying…
I’m very concerned for her
We’ve been to the emergency before about a couple weeks ago
Just gave her some medicine now to help relax her…
I’m worried About her…
Common side effects?

Could be low blood sugar / blood pressure. I’d try something sweet or coffee. Maybe heat stroke from too much sun. Also dehydration

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I agree with @Moonwalker
It sounds like that could be low blood pressure, dehydration and heat stress / heat exhaustion / heat stroke.
Not knowing what meds she is on anyway.


Thank you for helping me!
Today is a new day!
She is on 78mg of invega sustenna since September 18th 2018.