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Help!side effects

My partner is having extreme sensitivity all over the body
Also feels like a burning needle on the foot
Some symptoms of vocal dystonia while occurring
Anybody have any information on this

Hi TheSunshineMaras,

I’m sorry I don’t have any information on her symptoms. I was hoping someone else on the forum would.

Is she doing any better now?

Thinking good thoughts for both of you…:two_hearts:

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This phenomena comes and goes
She experiences sensitivity all over her body…
Which is a sensation like “rolling” she describes it as
Except to the point it hurts…
She’s not taking any amino acids whats so ever.
The only thing we are doing now a days are cbd lions mane and shilajit…
The rest are exercises and practices…and eating healthy…
She’s doing amazing right now except once in a while this happens
Also dystonia comes once in a while as well…
We are going to cold turkey the low dose of invega 78mg pretty soon here…
Thank you for your concern and I appreciate you responding to our post!!
I hope all is well with you!
How’s it going?

She is tough (So are you!) and it sounds as if she will get through this eventually. Trial and error is not an easy thing to try, especially when it produces effects that are not what you were hoping. I’m glad to hear she is doing OK right now.

My husband is not doing well and there is not much I can do to help him any more besides visit him and talk occasionally. He is still resisting getting any kind of help, even for finding a job or applying for low-income housing. He has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and it has caused a few incidents for me at work with people coming in and complaining to me about him. This is a very small community and there is not much forgiveness, especially for newcomers.

As for me, I am just doing the best I am able to do, going over notes from therapy and doing guided meditation on youtube to relax, taking walks and drinking lots of water, eating healthy.

Thank you for asking. We are all doing the best we can; keep that in mind. I’m glad this forum is here for support.

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