Treatment Advocacy Center - My Mother was Mentally Ill – Testimony on H.R. 3717


(April 3, 2014) I am my mother’s daughter. I never knew anything other than a life surrounded by serious mental illness. My mother was seriously mentally ill from as far back as I can remember.

Growing up in our family was like living in a combat zone. It never felt safe because you didn’t know when the other boot was going to drop. The drastic mood changes, intense paranoia, grandiose ideas, impulsivity, delusions, depression and anger created a frightening environment for a child who depended on her. This led to emotion and physical neglect, as well as emotional, verbal and at times, physical abuse. And yet I loved my mother. I watched as my father, and later my siblings and I, were powerless to help her.

My mother had zero insight into her illness. She did not believe she was ill. We call that anosognosia. It affects up to 40% of those with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Because she didn’t believe she was ill, she would not stay in treatment and as a result could not take care of herself, let alone, me.


TAC is a great organization, perfect for fear-mongering, lying to judges, and staging fake evidence to lock up family members. Torrey is a scumbag.


They are trash. Anyone familiar with their history would know that. How many laws do they have to break? How many lies do they have to tell?


From this very website.

Under the heading “How to make 911 respond to your calls”

While AMI/FAMI is not suggesting you do this, the fact is that some families have learned to ‘turn over the furniture’ before calling the police. Many police require individuals with neurobiological disorders to be imminently dangerous before treating the person against their will. If the police see furniture disturbed they will lusually conclude that the person is imminently dangerous.

Good advice eh?

I won’t even get into the perjury or the cat poop…