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Unacceptable behavior in public

Jeez at this very moment he’s screaming tops of his lungs and becoming aggressive, his dad had to leave while I went to drop some girls to church, I left at 5:50 am and he’s still here; it’s known that this behavior comes out of anger and fear; it takes us out of our comfort zone. His fixation won’t pass until he’s medicated and I don’t want to call the cops unless I have to but definitely it’s getting to that point. Lately he’s been throwing away money, a few days ago I found a small piece of a $10 dollar bill, we put the shredder in another room bc he used to put it there or threw it on the street on the way to the bus stop, threw away his cell phone, pays full bus fare when he can have the benefit of riding free of charge since I was an employee of the public transportation. So wasteful! It’s a very expensive illness!

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My son was what I thought a hopeless case. He was extremely paranoid and violent and went off his meds that turned him into a zombie. Thus , his illness went out of control. One of his outburst put me in the emergency room ; I am lucky to be alive. We had to get a restraining order, so he was homeless for many years. We were told that his best hope was the penal system in Los Angeles county. We were praying that eventually he would be arrested One day he thought that a stranger had our deceased family dog and he attacked him. This put him in the L.A county jail system. Their team of doctors and counselors did wonders for him. He was there for over a year getting treatment. He’s now like he was before schizophrenia took over. I just hope he continues his meds and counseling…it’s been a miracle, but I know that the future will always be a challenge . Meanwhile, I will always be grateful to the State of Calif. and the L. A. County penal system for giving my son so much help snd a chance at life. Many other States would not have provided this help