Undiagnosed friend


I am a close friend of undiagnosed schizophrenic. She is 55 yrs old with onset of symptoms at age 44. She was my significant other starting 1986. I am male 57 yrs old. We lived together from 1987 until 2005 when she began showing
symptoms. We were in close sexual relationship and all seemed fine. In 2005 she began talking about next door neighbor
coming into our house at night to shoot video and record audio. Then it became that he had dug channels to house and
cabled video equipment (which he installed) and was monitoring all the time. I will call her Jane. Jane is 2 years younger
than me. She has older brother Ben (my age) who developed schizophrenia at 18. I have interacted with Ben quite a bit
and know it took a long time for him to get help. Jane’s parents are both dead. She has younger brother who knows of
issue but will not help. Jane is living with me rent free now because she has no where else to go. She may be Bipolar
with psychotic episodes instead of schizophrenic. There are times when she is completely lucid and EXTREMELY energetic. She came to me a year ago because could not afford rent, etc. I need help in a big way. I am in a wheelchair
and waiting on social security. How can I get her help? I am not a family member. In 2005 she asked me to leave which she later told me was mid life crisis. She got very involved with a pentecostal church and now says she fears them as well. Her paranoia is off the charts.

Thanks for any and all help – Charlie

seek advice from the local mental health people… good luck. :four_leaf_clover:
take care :alien:

Take her to the hospital and tell them that she is a danger to herself. She needs to spend time in a Psychiatric ward to get on the right medication and to come to terms with her disease. There are clinics that can diagnose her, but for me really being in a hospital helped me to realize that I needed to be on medication for the rest of my life.