Very Worried About A Friend

Hey everyone, I’m not schizophrenic, but I have a very best friend who may be exhibiting signs and symptoms of schizophrenia, and I’m getting really worried.

She currently refuses to go to her therapist or her psychiatrist. She has been previously diagnosed as bipolar. She refuses any help. She refuses to talk about her condition.

She says she hears a voice that is telling her to kill herself constantly, even in her dreams. She is very religious, and is convinced that she is seeing the devil or demons, and that she has to be exorcised or that she has been spiritually ‘jinxed’ by other family members. She has a hard time formulating words and thoughts and jumps around from topic to topic – she is a very difficult person to follow. She thinks that she isn’t schizophrenic.

I’m getting extremely worried. She keeps talking about death more and more often, and about the voice and also about a child version of herself that keeps telling her to kill herself. She has previously been admitted to a psychiatric hospital, which she hated. Her parents think that she is possessed because they are also extremely religious. She keeps saying that she won’t live for the next week.

I’m at loss as to what to do. I don’t know if calling an ambulance and forcing her into a psychiatric ward is a good idea. I’m unable to hold conversation with her.

Today she sent me worrying texts, and I went over to her home only to find her in what I saw as a catatonic state.

I’m so so worried, I have no idea where to start to get her help.

Thank you all so much. Please reply soon.

Unfortunately, because you are not family, your word won’t count for much in getting her committed. The best you could do would be to testify at a mental health commitment hearing, if it comes to that. Maybe you could talk to your friend’s parents and urge them towards committing her. I think that is the best course of action. She is definitely a threat to herself. (The criteria for an involuntary commitment is that the person must be a threat to themselves or others.)

I would get her some help immediately.She needs to be somwhere safe where they can get her some meds.I know it can be scary and seem demonic.My son scared us at times.The meds brought him out of that.It is sad that families are more willing to believe in demons then mental illness.I would not hesitate to call an ambulance.I did get my son a crucifix necklace to wear(figured I’d cover all possibilities),but it’s medication that has really helped.You are a true friend and this person needs that right now(even if they don’t realize it).

Whether it’s bipolar, schizophrenia or schizoaffective it sounds like your friend needs help. Do you mind if I ask where you are from? Perhaps I can find some resources for you.

I don’t know how close you are to her or her family however if you can get the name of her therapist or psychiatrist then you can call them. They can’t talk to you however you however then can listen.

Thank you all so much for replying so quickly. I live in an area right outside of New York City.

If her parents won`t help-maybe you can talk to yours?
They may have some ideas. I am assuming your in school? Maybe advise a teacher. Tell anyone that is willing to listen!

Hi all! I wanted to update and say that I contacted her therapist and she contacted my friend and has scheduled an appointment to see her tomorrow. I am currently not getting involved any further because I am ultimately not her legal guardian. The good thing is that she was able to take the offer and get some sort of help by seeing her therapist. I thank you all so much for the advice and support. I