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Verbal attack again


Things have been somewhat stable. And then the rug gets pulled out from under me again. I am really starting to get wirn down and am not sure how much longer I can deal with these attacks. Hb is good one minute and then he starts harassing me about the people that are against him and asks me to defend “their” actions that have hurt him. I have tried so hard to be patient and help him as much as possible but he has isolated himself from everyone but me so I get the brunt of the illness during the episodes. I’m not sure what else to do at this point. Feeling very frustrated, sad and defeated. I am, however grateful for the support here so thank you.


We support you and hope you feel better soon.

There are in person support groups run by NAMI chapters in most US states.

I think you are doing everything you can for someone you love.


I remember this. My son used to do this before he was treated. He still starts occasionally but it is getting rarer. They say it is because people with sz feel that so much is going wrong and they are so powerless that they project that onto other people around them, so always blaming and accusing others. As my son has got better (on anti-psychotics) he has been able to study, shop, cook, wash, clean and organize himself, exercise, start to make friends again, and the blame game has almost completely disappeared.

So, this can go with treatment. Perhaps the way to help is to try to encourage and plan some activities that allow him a sense of achievement and participation. One thing that helped my son was doing some handy work on his flat, putting up shelves, painting etc. If you have something like that it may help. But start small because he may have problems getting motivated. And don’t praise him or he will realize what you’re up to. Just express pleasure with the end result.

Another thing that helps with my son is just doing ‘our’ normal things: going to the cinema, going to the park at the weekend, etc. We are out in society but there is no pressure to interact but he enjoys it. Also cooking and eating ‘our’ favorite meals. And going to a restaurant once in a while (we prefer home-cooked food most of the time).

I always say the same thing on these boards but exercise helps with mood for most people, those with sz included.