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Virginia Hospital Says No Beds For Psych Patients But Wants A 100 New Profit Earning Beds For High Priced Surgeries- Cha-Ching

We live in Central Virginia - that’s Northern Virginia.

The last time my son was in the hospital, one of the nurses asked how far away I live (like 30 minutes, so not far) and told me they get a lot of people from Northern Virginia.

That was interesting to me at the time because incomes & cost of living are both much higher in Northern Virginia than any other part of the state. Now, I know at least part of the reason why.

Yep. I live in NOVA and my son was sent to Poplar Springs, 2 hours away. We have psychiatric units in our area hospitals but that was the closest bed they could find. He was transported by the Sheriffs office in handcuffs for the entire drive down (he had not been physically aggressive, but verbal threats). Was not offered food or drink for the 9 hours he was in their custody😢 Fortunately he doesn’t remember! Now I am learning that most psychiatrists around here don’t accept insurance.

@TAG - Poplar Springs was were my son was.

We are actually closer to Richmond, but the units at Tucker’s, St Mary’s & VCU/MCV are usually full.

I don’t have any major complaint about Poplar Springs - he’s got to know them there over the past 7 months (3X in plus 1 where they didn’t admit), he likes the psychiatrist, the food & that they have smoke breaks.

But, I have to wonder at how they have beds all the time when no one else does. Last time my son was in there, he met a girl who lives way out in the mountains - the police drover her 5/6 hours to Poplar Springs. And, I saw someone coming out who was getting a ride from some kind of transportation company back down to North Carolina.

I have seen them be incredibly kind to people who were in crisis & they’ve been nice to us, so I’m thankful they are close & have beds, but it still makes me wonder.

I also work with kids with MH issues and they are frequently sent down there too. Then, upon discharge, they refer to physicians who have a financial stake in the hospital. My son’s experience there was okay. However, I called every single day he was impatient and asked to speak with a physician. I never spoke to a Dr nor did I see anyone at discharge. I think they pack people into the 250 beds and staff it very low. On a weekend, there was only 1 Psychiatrist there treating over 10p people. They started meds with my son which was what we were there for so that part was good.