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Voices - inner speech

Hi, my son dosesnt call them this, he calls it hearing others thought, or hearing someone else inner speech, it’s not often and never ever has been. As they aren’t bad things nor commands he thinks it’s not voices as he says voices would tell him to do,stuff etc so therefore calls it hearing others thoughts.

He asked when I had a thought did I “hear” it in my own voice? As he heard it in someone else’s voice, plus he’s heard his dads and our dr (saying he was coming to get him) he did act on that as that was before meds and he ran out the house at 1am but that was a while ago,and only told me recent.

I had to really think about that question i.e. Did I “hear” my thoughts in my voice? I told him when I had a thought it wasn’t reall a voice as such. Anyone had similar , i.e. Reading minds he thinks people can?

Funny…My son asked me that not too long ago also. I did not have a good answer for him as I had never really thought about what my “thought” voice was. It did cause me to think however that this illness somehow impacts on what and how they perceive what to most of us is merely “our own thoughts”. Sorry no real answer for you than yep, been asked that too. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for that, Yes it does provoke me to actually try to understand how he hears and interpret things such that we take for granted. Nice to,hear this from someone else.