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Hearing Voices and realizing that you are creating them

This is a fascinating article about what the voices really are. When I figured out that my own brain was creating the voices, it took all of their power away from them.

A MAZ ING. My son asked me recently if I could hear my own voice when I was thinking. I said no, but I started pondering over the matter…why did he think our thought had voices and is the basis of his problems, he thinks our thoughts have voices? Thank you for sharing.

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That’s exactly what my son said recently. He asked too, when I had a thought was it my own voice I heard. I said I didn’t hear anything when thinking but told him to wait a moment till I consciously had a thought, I said yes it’s my voice but I’m not hearing it, just re creating what I know Imsound like and then asked him did he hear his own, he said no it wasn’t his own.

We were given a really interesting letter itnwas supposedly from A person to A person explains voices. I will try finding it .

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Read this article today and thought of this thead:


Thanks for that fascinating article.

“…voice hearers are primed to hear sounds in their environment. The biggest difference between those who heard voices and those who heard voices and had psychosis was their ability to accept that the tone wasn’t real. Non-psychotic voice hearers accepted that it was happening in their heads…”

"…a better understanding of why people hear these voices could help mental health professionals treat them in a more targeted way, perhaps helping those individuals manage and reframe their experiences into ones that are less distressing. "

This is so true. The more I learn about what is physiologically causing me to hear voices, the better I get at managing and reframing them so that they are less distressing to me.

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