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Waiting for paper work to start clozapine


Had a meeting with my daughters doctor two days ago to see if He would reconsider and send her to a major hospital for assement of her condition.I pleaded my case the best I could my daughters boyfriend told me today that they have change some of her meds 7 times since Jan. of this year.She is on a community treatment order so he told her Colazpine was their next drug of choice.Waiting for them to start her new meds wondering why they where taking so long I knew her blood work was done.A telephone call from my daughter today, telling me they where going to send her to the hospital that we had given up on.She could hardly hold back the tears.A big thank you to her doctors for listening to our opinion


Good for you! I don’t have any experience with clonazipin, but others here can weigh in on the drug. I just wanted to congratulate you on being a good advocate for your daughter.
I favor the major teaching hospitals. I don’t know which hospital your daughter is going to, but they should hopefully have a lot of treatment options for her.


Hi there we are in Canada


My grandson had to be hospitalized and it worked out for him. They can bring your clozapine dosage up at a quicker rate in the hospital. Within 5 days his voices disappearred and he got his life back it took time probably almost a year but he has been working fulltime time now for 3 years and he is making friends. It was the only med that worked for him. I fought to get him on it.


Wishing you and your daughter the best!!!


I hope it really helps your daughter. Its good they are going to start it while she is in the hospital. They titrate up slowly, and it will be easier for them to keep track of the dose adjustments and how she tolerates. it.


Hi I’m also in canada toronto. What hospital is your daughter going to. My son was also on a comunity treatment order. Therecwas a mail nurse thag came to the house to give him his injection. I was not happy with this guy at all i should have insisted that they send someone else. My son ended up getting this lawyer tom miciver who ended up getting the CTO revoked. For a technicality that the sighned CTO was not given to my son. The illness never came into consideration or even talked about. Now my poor son is living in a empty house he has thrown everything out and now ripping out cuberts everything is all over the property. He says that that’s not nis stuff and people are coming in every night and doi home invasion. He gets disability check don’t know what he’s doing with his money but he says people are steeling it. I just don’t know how much more I can take.


Hope it helps. It has been a miracle drug for my grandson. He works fulltime now. His only side effects is excessive drooling at night, tired and he did gain 100 pounds but has now taken off 75. He is actually only taking 300mg now and 75mg lamictal. He was on so many meds when he gotg put of the hospital he was a zombie. It really has been a miracle its been about 3 and a half years of stableness now