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What helps you get through?


The best thing for me these days is making playlists. What do you all to keep from losing it?


I get out and walk. My Fitbit lets me know when I need to move and is good motivation. It also reports my sleep habits.
Laughter with friends helps me the most.
I would love to host music nights but haven’t done that yet.
Gardening is my therapy and I’ve brought some plants in during winter. I clean up a storm. There is always something that needs cleaning.
I found fly lady app and love it for its 15 minute routines and lists.
I try to do things for others and it makes me feel better.
I come here to this site a couple times a day. I read motivating books and just finished The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Bloom.


With my current moon charting project, well, it might be too late for me.:upside_down_face:

Running in the park with my dogs early in the morning helps me more than anything.


Automation, technology and money. I never see a med, doc calls in 90 day scrips, auto pay, shipped… I NEVER shop for food, I do all the food purchase online, I often place WalMart pic up orders from 1000 miles away for them to pic up… Surveillance, Arlo Pro 2 System, I monitor their every move from anywhere, and the easy part, I simply leave…


So they are med compliant? Sounds like you have worked out huge time savers and peace of mind when you are gone.


NO to both, wife is SZ gone 95-99% of the time, daughter is somewhat now, maybe since ECT, they will typically only do ECT after it is proven that ALL meds are ineffective as it is with my daughter, I did a med sweep a couple weeks ago, i filled up a box of unused Saphris Sublingual Tabs (wife’s med) (you know sealed dispensers for a week or two) worth about $20,000.00 (BCBS cost), I will take a pic of it to prove it… LOL, after 23 years of bad ineffective meds, she dont take them very often


@Mom2 I am going to put that on my list. I’ve been reading a lot of WWII books this past year. Favorite is All the Light they can not see. I also garden, hike and visit with friends and of course (now) this site. Cleaning - that’s a good one!


I read alot too. I liked The Book Thief (WW2 setting).


I blog. A lot. Every day. Http://
I focus on solving problems rather than on the problems. I take every thing one day at a time or one minute at a time. Sometimes one breath at a time. I check out I call someone I trust to talk about what’s going on. When all else fails I play Farmville 2. :slight_smile:


I have me “me” time every day, go up to my bedroom put my fairy lights and my wax melts on and watch vlogs, I follow various people, some just their lives and their family run of mill day to day stuff. Some Florida trips (live Florida holidays)

Also we live 5 min walk from fantastic beaches, my dog motivates me to go there, watching his zest for life , him run into the North Sea without a care in the world just living in the moment!
In fact my little cocker spaniel gets me through.


I go to the gym and swim 4 or 5 days a week. And I love walking our sweet dogs. Some days are so busy being a caregiver, having a part time job and trying to run the house and make time for my other kids, that I feel I don t have a spare minute. Oh, and visiting this site immensely helps me to get thru.


@Mom2 I read The Hiding Place over the last few days. Quite the story. Try to think like Betsie! @Jan I am now (finally) have started The Book Thief. Thanks guys!


I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll have to look for The Book Thief. I hope you and your family are enjoying the holidays.