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How do you take a break?


We here go thru a lot of tough stuff every day.

Let’s share something else - what do you do for fun?

I have a little terrier, and we have started doing agility classes again. It is so fun to watch him figure out what to do, and accomplish the task set for him, and be so happy for the little treat at the end!

Also, I knit and crochet. Great ways to be productive and also unwind, or have something to focus on when my mind is troubled.


I watch Netflix, sometimes I knit, or exercise. Ocassionally I’ll bake/cook something or just do work/school. I’m going to be alone for this whole month while he’s in the hospital, so that’s what I’ll be doing.


As crazy as it sounds, I use work as an escape.

I have a full-time job in IT, and I do freelance work for a variety of online sites.
Cleaning can be very therapeutic too once I get going.

I like going to our local greenhouse - even if I don’t buy anything. Just wandering around through all the different plants is nice.

Netflix and mindless TV are usually good, except I can’t watch certain things if I’m in a bad place - whether it’s too happy or too sad.

I was just mentioning to someone else here that I like Shameless on HBO. I’d watch it anyway, but I really like how they handle the issues with the couple of bipolar characters they have. They’re so matter of fact and accepting of it all - while still making sure treatment is handled - I’d love for it to be that way in our house.

Grieving Mental Illness - The Mental Illness Education Project, Inc

I have my mornings free because my son is always a late sleeper, so I try to make the most of them, I like to cook, listen to music, I drop in on a local Tai Chi class from time to time or just take a long walk. I get the most support from my Friday DBT group.


Oh, I like that greenhouse idea! I also enjoy looking at the variety of plants, even when I am not going to buy.


Same and I love that show! I’m just waiting for season 7 to be uploaded.


I get up at 6:00 am to walk with a couple of friends. We walk 3 miles six days a week since March.

I find gardening therapeutic. It especially helped when I had to stay around the home. I love to weed and am within earshot if needed. I’m in the publishing business and I’ve always got something to work on and consider it a blessing and release.

I love to visit nurseries and am currently researching deer resistant plants because the deer think we are their private playground and we don’t hunt.

I also like to cook and bake and clean when things are really hairy around here.

And then there is Masterpeice Classics…Poldarck is my current favorite!

I go to church for the music and message and I have a few friends there.


Walking, reading,TV, pets. I like to spend time in my yard, but am not a very skilled gardener.


I like gardening too, without being very skilled at it!


I knit, read and do exercise. I go to a book club once a week, and prayer meeting also once a week , just getting out of the house sometimes is hard but is helpful to get out


Tomorrow I’m hoping to bake a cake…:cake:


@Hereandhere, how was the cake???


Last night was agility training with my dog. He took all the obstacles without hesitation, and followed directions well - it is so fun!


The cake turned out pretty good:)


I posted the same question. There are days for me when everything falls apart.

For me walking outdoors is the best stress reducer – I also read a lot, especially after my middle daughter bought me a kindle - deep and slow breathing helps – Volunteering at my grandchildrens school helps – I also knit and sew to distract myself. I also went back to church and it is giving me a lot of peace.

I went to Christian elementary school up until I was 10 years old and then later every Sunday to church and Sunday school. In my 20’s I rejected everything and saw my faith as nothing more than a fairy tale and crutch. Then in my 30’s and 40’s I went back but mainly because I wanted a community of people. Now that I’m a senior I’m back for a deeper spiritual life and connection to something greater than me. It has helped me tremendously, however I think many moms and dads with mi children understand that we are going to have setbacks and have to work on getting back up.