What is noteworthy?

I try to post as many positive articles as I can. I see posts on Elyn Saks and see that Bill McPhee started his own magazine…

I’m sitting here thinking what it is that makes these stories positive or noteworthy. Is it that the person graduated with honors or became a psychiatrist or started a company/magazine or walked/ran a marathon…

In actuality I gloss over Elyn’s accomplishment and I rarely read Bill McPhee’s statements. Don’t get me wrong. I do read the articles that I post :smile: I have watched some of Elyn’s interviews and I have read Schizophrenia Digest, may even subscribe one day as a form of support.

I think of my son one day getting his GED or my daughter graduating in June. It’s not the item itself that makes me proud. It’s that my children are fighting for and accomplishing what they set out to do. I could not be less or more proud if they became president or a nurse or a garbage person or a world’s spokesperson… How about great partner, parent or friend. I don’t care if they graduate with honors or barely make it through. I do care how they treat people.

So for all the stories that I post. At least for me. It’s not so much what these people have accomplished so much as the fact that they are accomplishing what they set out to do. They have stood proud and they risk stigma to stop stigma by saying I AM… I AM NOT… I CAN… I WILL… and YES I HAVE “Insert MI”

A story of someone fighting to keep their family intact with nothing but love and hope to bolster them is just as if not more inspiring to me then a story of someone who got a degree in or became the head of…

Maybe I’m being a little sappy today :blush: Find a dream and go after it. Be the best person that you can be. You don’t need a diploma to be a good person. You don’t need a degree to be worthy. You don’t need to be better then your neighbor to have self-esteem or self-respect. Your story does matter. Your accomplishment no matter how big or small do matter. You guys are survivors and you should be so proud of that. It’s your guy’s stories that I want to see making headlines. You get up everyday and you fight everyday and your story is worth telling. :purple_heart:

I like this! A minor achievement to one person is a major acheivement to another.Celebrate every little positive step!It seems so easy to get caught up in having more,being bigger and comparing ourselves to everyone else.I believe each person is special.We all contribute something important-even if we are unaware of it. : )

I don’t like the fight when I don’t know who the enemy is. That is what is difficult about sz to me. When I have an insight as to who the enemy actually is, was, that is what I celebrate. Then I can grab the bull by the horns.

Personally I see myself as a success as I am a nice person. I used to rate career success but not any more. I don’t care about money as you need very little to get by and when you do amass money all you end up doing is spending it on a huge mortgage.

As my brother would say “Can I get an Amen”

It does seem that it’s becoming a race instead of a journey.

I just edited down the last post because I thought it was too harsh. But I still have frustration over the fact that the superiority yard stick is developing more and more. It’s not supportive or encouraging it’s becoming a bragging match. I wish more people would be happy for others instead of trying to “Top” or “best” each other. Why is it a race? Are there prizes?

From the outside looking in, I know that there are days for my brother that getting out of bed and putting on pants is a big step in the right direction. But I can’t compare his achievements of yesterday to his efforts of today.

I can only hope that people will begin to encourage and support each other again. I am glad there are those who have achieved beyond expectations, but why make others feel inferior?

Great post! All i want is for my son ( and girls! ) to do whatever makes them happy and healthy and independent. Thanks for that post***