What to do when your psychotic adult child is in denial

My adult daughter is psychotic, has been diagnosed but is in denial, how should I handle this frustrating situation.

You don’t give any of her symptoms. Try to get her to take medications. Medication is key. She will probably resist that. You might have to commit her, and get them to give her a time released shot.

First things first: Get educated: http://www.amazon.com/Surviving-Schizophrenia-6th-Edition-Family/dp/0062268856 and (possibly) http://www.amazon.com/Stop-Walking-Eggshells-Borderline-Personality/dp/1572246901/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1434832701&sr=1-1&keywords=stop+walking+on+eggshells.

And get a consult with a specialist in sz who can refer you to qualified mental health pros (usually licensed clinical social workers) who can provide ongoing counsel.

How old is your daughter? Denial is tough. Many times with schizophrenia, it’s called anosognosia. It’s when your loved one has absolutely no insight. They really do believe they are fine and for the most part, think it’s those around them who are delusional. You can talk to them until you’re blue in the face, but until they gain some sort of insight, you’re basically banging your head against a brick wall. Medication is what helps them gain the awareness they need to begin their journey.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this, but you’re not alone.

While I have to take issue with that exact notion, I will back you on saying that medication is often what makes it possible for them to chill enough to be able to listen and learn… because even if slightly overdosed, the meds themselves can make listening possible, but make learning very difficult.

I was an adult child in denial. Honors intro to neuroscience changed my mind. I made a B+. I read about schizophrenia and thought I might have it and I got a private evaluation and he said “what do you think the results say?” And I said “yeah I know I’m a little crazy” and then he said “no, you are very crazy. Come look at these results with me.”

92/100 paranoid schizophrenic on the MMPI-2

Wow. I don’t recall my score on the old MMPI in this trait set, but it was probably close to yours if not equal. We’re both living proof that things can and will change if one is sufficiently committed.

My son’s doctor made a similar statement as you. She supported the dose of 20mgs Zyprexa so he could sleep. Like you said, when he was awake, he would listen (or eat) before falling back asleep, but he was also angry when he was awake because he had been sleeping so much. He’s still in such much denial but from repeated hospitalizations, he’s starting to realize there is something wrong.

Symptoms include: Rhyming, disassociated words, talking non stop, answering voices in her head, paranoid, says everything is unsafe, can’t sleep the 7th dimension keeps her awake. Taking everything out of closets, saying they are not ours, burning & cutting up photographs, knives missing, etc.

she may need a rest in psychiatric hospital. There are some anti pscyotic that help.

How often does she go to a doctor?

A depot has to only be taken about once a month. Maybe a doctor can convince her just to try it. Maybe just say its to help sleep or help you feel better if she has complaints.

Then when it kicks in things should get easier. Without meds, it may only get worse.

I don’t think my daughter has recovered from her psychotic episode, it has been 5 months. She was released from mental health facilities 2 weeks after episode and has yet to believe she is ill. (Diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic). She blames me for calling the police, calling herself “normal”, I have no idea where she is! I try to keep in touch via email, when I get a reply it is not positive!
About how long before she has another episode? If anyone could give me a hint I would be grateful.

My daughter refuses to take meds or see a Dr.

I would open a missing person report. I hear them often mentioning a person that needs their meds.
Once in the hospital ask about the injectables.
I hated police too and you think nothing is wrong.
But if she is not taking care of herself, (going home to sleep and eat) she needs to be found.

I also have a daughter in her 20;s who was diagnosed about 5 years ago. She refuses to take her meds also and doesn’t believe she needs help. I have had to put a missing persons on her several times. It is helpful to do so. That way you will be notified if she is arrested or hospitalized by police. gives some peace of mind.

Until my daughter (24 yo) was place on a conservatorship with her county of residence (in California) and place in a inpatient locked facility and mandated against her will to take meds she was in denial. In denial so bad that she ended up being homeless for 5 months then put in Jail for 2 months (for trespassing) then in and out of hospitals until someone finally realized she was very sick and needed to be mandated to take drugs and be on a conservatorship. After being in the hospital and getting on the right meds she is doing wonderful and finally has the insight and knowledge she needs about her brain disorder. She is a model patient and soon to be released to a board and care. I don’t think she would have ever found insight and left denial if she had not been placed on a 5150, then conservatorship and forced to take the medication. Once the med combo was right I had my daughter back.


in what ways are you crazy?

I said I have chronic paranoid schizophrenia, do you need any more explanation? I take enough sedating meds to put a rhinoceros into rehab

I hallucinate a whole lot
I think people are watching me at all times
I think my room and phone and computer are bugged
I feel agitated and lifting weights and crap is the only thing that really helps, alcohol is too short lived
I am on an antipsychotic, anti anxiety, beta blocker, melatonin and proton pump inhibitor and still pissed off
I often feel bored and like I cant and wont function but somehow I do
I this I that I schizo

Well, that answered my question.

A difficult journey but I am happy for you that you have your daughter back.