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What to do while in jail

It has been a month now since my son was arrested, and the next court hearing isn’t for another month.

I sent a book from Amazon, but it has not been delivered (Amazon says differently). Just subscribed to the local newspaper with good results. Money in the commissary but my son struggles to figure out how to access it. He finally found a pencil for writing and drawing… that took almost four weeks.

He is in a single cell and has one hour a day in the day room… not sure that he uses it.

What helped your family member pass the time?

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Definitely reading and writing.

Hopefully the book is there and being processed. Sometimes the delivery of the book to a person is delayed by the jail processing system from a few days to a week. Also, paperbacks only.

Is there a language he wants to learn? I sent one of those books and Sudoku books.

It took a long time for my family member to access the phone (three weeks), video visits (four weeks), and commissary (six weeks, maybe eight?), but that worked out after awhile.

I wrote letters about once a week.

I wrote a letter with instructions how to use the phone with our phone numbers.

Then one of how to use the computer (which I learned from someone at the jail by going there).

After the APs kicked in, family member figured most everything out and was moved to medical dorm where there was a tv. Still read and wrote lots.

I also went to local parks and other places where I bought post cards about our town and area and sent those frequently (2 -3 times a week) with brief notes. I think it’s just nice to receive mail.


These are great ideas! Thank you very much! Our jail has an email system, and I send an email each day. I like the idea of postcards. It is fun to get mail! Thanks again.


Having something, anything, to read helps so much, because it is so boring in there otherwise.


My heart bleeds for you Momma can’t even fathom anyone with this disease in a prison. Hang tough Momma… Books, letters, visits best of luck to you Mom and your baby.


Yes! He got his first Sunday newspaper and is enjoying it. I encouraged him to think of creative ways to use it after reading, like going through it again to watch for things he is grateful for (pictures and words.)


So compassionate! Thank you, momma Dukes! I focus on the most important thing… that he knows he is loved. I also take great comfort in knowing his brain will be whole again in heaven, and we will have all of eternity to celebrate that with God. Amen.

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My son loves coloring but prob in jail can’t have crayons? Coloring relaxes my son as he focuses on staying in lines.