When you feel bad and star hearing voices/hallucinations/delusions what do you do to tell yourself it's just your disease?

And, during those moments, are you able to tell yourself it’s just the sickness/paranoia and not the reality?

unfortunately, i’d say that, no, there’s a line crossed quickly where i’m not really able to tell myself it’s sickness/paranoia. even right now it’s a line that’s hazy and complicated, but that’s not why i’m replying. more to say that i the one thing i’ve been taught to do is “reality checks” in different ways.

in more recent years i’ve gotten better with medication and when i’m taking it then i can so that somewhat. or i can do better. i use my dog as a reality tester a lot. if he doesn’t respond to visual things and auditory things, especially things that would unnerve a dog, then it gives me pause. i also ask my partner a lot. and my father who now lives with us. it’s hard to ask though and it’s hard to accept/trust. but if you have a trusted you can check in with, someone who grounds you at all, that might help.

that’s all i can think of at the moment, but hope it helps and that you’re feeling better soon.

Most of the time, when my symptoms flare up, these things are my reality. Like etre said, “reality checks” can help very much. Survey how things are affecting others around you and if they are responding to the things you are experiencing. Also, take meds regularly as your doctor or psychiatrist has prescribed them.

I also rely a bit on this website.

It really helps to think it’s the sickness when I get paranoid, but when I used to smoke weed I couldn’t rationalize, as far as delusions go, my problems stemmed from drug use, without the street drugs I am clear-minded, delusions used to take massive proportions once I swallowed speed pills, like I would think the world would get flooded and I would be the only one to survive with a girl I liked and the world would be ours as we were going to be the only survivors…

I get paranoid easily with the internet. :hand:

I use logic when unusual things happen. Like hearing a voice when I’m alone. Or whenI get paranoid.
I question my experience with
WHY would it happen? No logical reason? Delusion.
HOW is it possible? It is not logically possible. Delusion.
WHO talks to me? Nobody close. Hallucination.

i hear voices most of the time to be honest. they sometimes shut up for a while but they always come back. i know i’m not telepathic. i just know i’m not. i don’t think it’s possible at all, sorry i just don’t and that’s how i keep myself grounded. even if it were possible, mine would be a basic persecution complex that has no basis in reality…at all. i know that i was raped by someone famous, i also know that it was covered up by their bodyguards and that the abuse has continued for years with hired mercenaries but that doesn’t make me telepathic at all. it also doesn’t make me delusional. because i don’t believe in telepathy at all. they’re just voices put in to make me look delusional so that i can’t testify or to make my case harder to prove is all. xxx

I tell myself its the illness. However there is that line where I no longer believe it is.

I have a large degree of difficulty to blame my paranoia and delusions on the illness. I can sense that something is not right with me at the time and then I would write down my beliefs and paranoia and give it to my psychiatrist. I may not be able to pinpoint the symptoms on the illness but I do know that I had to seek help at such times.

good advice …i listen to
bad advice…i ignore
take care

Good point !

I do not get these things regularly. When I do it is always spirits of some form, maybe occasionally electronic. The spirits have proven themselves.
They are in fact reality - just in another dimension, another plane: astral.

I learned over the years to work with these things when they do happen. Even the negative can be a learning experience: spiritual warfare.

I know not everyone has this happening and sometimes the brain can do funny things, but I believe a person needs to sort things out and learn whether these things are coming from inside themselves or from some external source. that’s very important.

i agree, i have aliens talking to me all the time.
one stands behind me and tells me stuff 24/7.
it is always wise and highly intelligent.
some people would say it is my sub-concious talking to me on another level…but i am not that inteligent.
the alien is very bright !!

tells me future events, everyday things i need to watch out for etc…
take care

I have not had that 24/7. I have had 7 strait days, 11 strait days, and yes, they are very intelligent but can explain quantum physics in down to earth terms, kind of like Stephen Hawking does in his books. In fact they told me one of Hawkings theories about time loops and time travel 2 years before he published the book that had that stuff in it. that was cool, and confirmation that it was real.

yeah, i agree they are big on the quantum physics thing…
i explained this to my second shrink…they talk about the universes and show me the different people etc…dark matter…
hey, it is better than demons screaming at me…that was getting boring !!
take care

If your honest with yourself you may have to accept that you don’t know where that line is because you didn’t draw it yourself. Like if sz is natural in humans and we all did something to unlock it, not including those born with it, how is that not reality? If you read a book on magic and therefore learn magic, when did reality stop being reality…?
When we stopped liking it?

This is what it’s like for me. Sometimes I know when the voices are just in my head and they’re not real but that doesn’t make what their telling me any less real in my head.

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Those voices for me used to call themselves “the advisers” reminded me of the matrix