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Where are we all from? Maybe we could find support from those local to us?

Hi Anyone/Everyone

I’ve read multiple comments from people saying they wished they could connect with people living near them. Also, I know how therapeutic it is for me to talk in person to people who are experiencing the same challenges that I am. I know NAMI and other orgs offer support meetings, but they are a mixed bag, and not specifically for psychosis or schizophrenia.

Would it be helpful to know who lives near us, in case people want to meet/talk with others or just want to feel less alone? I’ll start. I live just west of Boston, MA, USA. I would be interested in meeting some locals experiencing the same challenges I am.

Can we send private messages on this forum? Not sure how to, but maybe this would be a good way to connect to others?

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I am in SW Montana, but I am often in any of the states in the NW part of the US, also in DC, and in Asheville, NC. I would welcome getting together with people close by or in my path of travel. Thank you for bringing this up.

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Yes, there are private messages.

Click on the icon/ circle. A box pops up for the member. In the top right hand corner, there is a little blue rectangle with an envelope that says “Message.”

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Hi I have a little ways farther to go I AM IN Canada

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I’m in Westerville, Ohio…grew up near Boston though.

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I’m in Pittsburgh, PA :hibiscus:


I would love something like this! I’m from Utica, pa . It’s about 1 1/2 hrs north of Pittsburgh and 1 hr south of Erie. Ohio border is only 30 minutes (Youngstown)

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New Jersey Shore…

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I’m from Cincinnati OH

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I am in Calgary area


I’m from London, U.K.


I’m from Delaware. Moved her from South Jersey 2 years ago

I’m near Winston-Salem NC.

Currently live in the Bay Area (U.S). I am still new to helping compared to others around here. I don’t have a ton of knowledge to share, but would be nice to know there are others nearby.

There is such a huuuge homeless population here. :confused: It’s quite sad. Often wonder if I’m seeing someone’s loved one from this website. I know they wander off sometimes… :pensive:

Idea for admins/site owner: “Missing Persons” page people can post pictures and suspected location of their SZ loved ones? Many of us have relatives ‘in the community’ and we might be able to keep an eye out during our visits.

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In Southern Ontario Canada but within two years my youngest son and I will be moving to Calgary Alberta to be closer to my oldest son. Just wondering @rock how you find the mental health services there, as I have heard that they are better than here?

I from near Chicago Illinois area.

My son and our family are from Hershey pa.