Online family therapy recommendations?

Hi everyone. I recently discovered this forum and have been reading posts. It’s a great platform to share and learn from each other. My wife’s older brother has been diagnosed with schizophrenia for 25 years now. We have his primary psychiatrist but we are not receiving what we as family members can do to support him very much. And we have tried a few psychiatrists over the years and we are frustrated with the results.

We are based in Japan and my wife and I wanted to seek advice from a professional family therapist to better understand how we can support our brother. But the family therapy session is hardly available in Japan. So we decided to seek an online session from abroad. I have reached out to some platforms, but they are usually providing support locally and do not offer the online session. If you know any platforms which provide online sessions or have any recommendations, we’d be grateful.


Hi , Im newish to this forum also but so glad there is a space like this as a resource .
Im sure there are other platforms I don’t know about . But a trusted resource is
although this wouldn’t provide you with private therapy Its a great resource to Learn More ,Grow More, hear others experience and insights .
Hoping you find what you are looking for

Hi megmeg

Thank you so very much for your message. I have read NAMI website and they look like an amazing platform of support and education. I’m also learning a lot from the forum which I am very happy to find. I will read some more.

All the best,

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I haven’t attended this yet, but I get emails from They have a family peer group that is online. They have those meetings on Thursdays I believe, and are based out of Massachusettes, U.S. I did have to contact them and get added to an email list specifically for the family meeting email. If you want to look into that or see if they may have any other helpful suggestions, the email for them is:
Nami also has support groups, and some programs that are based online, but you should be able to contact them for more specific resources. They are a big organization.
I hope you are able to find something. It can be very challenging navigating schizophrenia with our loved ones (and the psychiatrists), but I’ve definitely found it can be really helpful to learn as much as you can about the condition, and the things we can do, or do differently to help.

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I have been looking thru the extensive lists of online therapist profiles for my adult daughter on both and There are hundreds to choose from.

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Hi Anemone

Thank you so much for the recommendation! I will definitely look into this! There seems to be a lot of great organizations in the US, which is great. I keep hearing NAMI in the multiple platforms so I have a strong feeling it is doing great work on the ground.

I am always reminded that educating myself and other family members is one of the best ways to navigating schizophrenia. And I am grateful to have a resource like this forum.

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Hello DebC

Oh I haven’t looked into these platforms yet. Thank you for the recommendations!
If there are any updates, I will share the findings here later.

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