Where to go to get help?

Our son was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia several years ago. He’s in his late thirties and has been self medicating with alcohol. He has had three severe bouts in the past three months with threatening voices that have needed hospitalization (including one suicide attempt)! We need HELP finding a treatment facility that he can go to. He has been living at home and we would still be fine with that but because he has not been successful the past few months at home we feel that something more structured could be a better place for him until he gets his alcohol and the voice issue under control. Does anyone have suggestions of a website or a professional that could help us find the best place for our son? He does have insurance but lost his job over a year ago! Thanks!

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Call Tha Number 211 ,

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NAMI is an excellent resource. They would be able to help connect you to services. I received an Intensive Case Manager from my local community mental health center who was always good about connecting me with services. The hospital he was at might also have further advice about places in the area. I would really try to get him connected to a case worker though. Is he willing to try AA? Good luck! :sunny:

Thanks! We have not found the hospital personnel to be very helpful but part of that may be because our son really does NOT want any help…ugh! He has been to two alcohol treatment facilities that were court mandated and neither worked. He is not a big fan of AA…or a twelve step program. We will try NAMI and try to talk to the hospital again. Sometimes our son tells the staff NOT to bother us with his problems…so when that is the case they will NOT talk to us about his case. Frustrating at best! We’ll keep trying…

  1. Get a copy of this book and read it. Have your family read it, too.

  2. If he needs a professional intervention, tell me where you live, and I will get back to you with leads to those services.

  3. Get properly diagnosed by a board-certified psychopharmacologist who specializes in the psychotic disorders. One can find them at…
    Find Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurses - Psychology Today

  4. Work with that p-doc to develop a medication formula that stabilizes your symptoms sufficiently so that you can tackle to the psychotherapy that will disentangle your thinking from reality effectively. The best of the therapies for that currently include…
    DBT – What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)? – Behavioral Tech
    MBSR – http://www.mindfullivingprograms.com/whatMBSR.php
    ACT – ACT | Association for Contextual Behavioral Science
    MBBT – An Introduction to Mind-Body Bridging & the I-System – New Harbinger Publications, Inc
    10 StEP – Pair A Docks: The 10 StEPs of Emotion Processing

  5. the even newer somatic psychotherapies like…
    SEPT – Somatic experiencing - Wikipedia
    SMPT – Sensorimotor psychotherapy - Wikipedia

  6. or standard CBTs, like…
    REBT – Rational emotive behavior therapy - Wikipedia
    Schematherapy – Schema therapy - Wikipedia
    Learned Optimism – Learned optimism - Wikipedia
    Standard CBT – http://www.beckinstitute.org/what-is-cognitive-behavioral-therapy/About-CBT/252/

Wow.,that is a lot of information and much appreciated! He is still in the hospital now butI’m sure will be released soon! Heis so petrified of the “voices”! They are"real"to him and out to get him and all of his family…and nothing that we say or do helps negate that! We will check into everything that you have sent to us…thanks again!

Where are you located?

I’ve read a lot of stories on here where family members just didn’t want help and because they are adults the doctors, nurses, or facilities won’t talk to the family. I know one person suggested talking to the places using hypotheticals. That way they’re not breaking confidentiality. I know for myself I had to want to get better. It took effort on my part to work with my doctors. I’ve never had a problem with drugs or alcohol so the only thing I can relate to is I had to stop watching horror movies, which I loved, because I would see the stuff walking around at night. This included horror video games too. I know it’s not the same thing. Keep posting on here though. :sunny:

Your # 3 suggestion about finding a board certified doc…when I looked up my city, there was only ONE person listed and she was a nurse practitioner. We live in a city of over 250,000 people…it makes me wonder how that sight has chosen the practitioners that they list. There has to be more qualified psychiatric docs that have expertise in the area of paranoid schizophrenia. We are looking for someplace that could help our son get help with his schizophrenia AND addictions. We don’t feel qualified and are also worried about him feeling so threatened for him to be home right now! But of course, everyone tells us that HEZBOLLAH has to WANT that help! I feel like we are stuck between a rock and a hard place!!

Lincoln, Nebraska

Do you have community-based mental health centers there? They have information about what is available. If your son has signed disclosure agreements, the best person to help you at the hospital is the social worker.

I meant that HE has to WANT treatment…silly autocorrect seems to have a mind of it’s own!!

Not aware of that…but we have spoken once to the mental health therapist at the psych ward at the hospital where he is staying for the last couple of days.

I should say so. (And that is some real interesting SpellCheck.)

There are therapies for moving the pt from denial / pre-contemplation through contemplation / consideration and acceptance / identification into commitment / action. Most fall under the rubric of…

I can only HOPE that he will someday move to wanting some sort of treatment and help!! Today we found out that he signed some paper that was to get him released within 48hours but the psych doc didn’t think he was ready…so it was sent to county attorney and it was decided he needed a hearing. He is being transferred to the crisis center from the hospital and may need to go to the regional center if he is deemed a threat! UGH!!