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Which are worse-the negative or positive syptoms of sz?


what symptoms do you think are worse the negative or positive? Just like some opinions.


They both suck. But I think I was more functional when I had more positive symptoms. Mainly negatives now.


Positives are hard to handle… but at least I was up and moving.

I’ve never wanted to give up and end my life when I was having a positive spike.

I’ve gone nearly catatonic and completely non functional when I’ve been in negative symptoms.

For me… the negatives are the worse.


For me positives trigger my negatives. If i could get rid of positive symptoms without meds, then life would be sweet and carefree.


For me, worse are those symptoms which are actually dominant. :confused:


Negative ones sap all my energy. Also, they’re more subtle, so harder to deal with face to face, so to speak.


50/50 to me at this point in my life. The bummer about negs is that when you find the right treatment options for the positives and you finally get so close to being well and then have to confront them, it can be disheartening.


The drug Haldol really aggravated my negative symptoms. The years I was on that drug were the worst years of my life. I guess the negative symptoms were worse for me, though there were times when I was delusional I was pretty bad off.


Negative symptoms are worse… at least for me.


positive :smile:i can fight with those aliens.i feel i am the smartest person.
negative :frowning:they fight back and push me hard.even try to murder me.if i walk on the like movie stars.lots people hates me(.i am a asian girl in europe.)


My positives come with painful somatic hallucinations, so pains in my hip and ear. I heard the voice of “angels” in the hospital.

The negative symptoms keep me from getting things done. I am having problems with SSI and paying for an apartment. It is just hard to live through things sometimes.

Each would be bad enough on their own.


I find the positive symptoms of physically painful as I have headaches at random times. I also get mood swings lately where I’m angry and sad, but I’m learning to handle this.

The negative symptoms for me, like @metime, keep me from getting things done or feeling happy (which I am also learning to overcome this). I am supposed to have called for a referal to see a neurologist at the hospital for my headaches, hasn’t happened. I also slack off on household chores which triggers a mood swing. Also the thought of going to the gym makes me feel uninterested or bored with it. Still I am learning to over come these things.

I suppose They all suck but what I’m dealing with in the present moment is mostly negatives, so f@ck them.


Positive symptoms are dramatic and heady, but not so hard in the heat of the moment.
Negative symptoms however are terribly debilitating, and they last longer, so I definitely think the negative symptoms are worse. I would choose an excited agitated brain over a dead one any day.


I’m a care giver. From my perspective, the positive symptoms are worse - they torment my son and his behavior is out of control. However, my son doesn’t seem to recognize the impact the positive symptoms have on his life, and he would probably consider the negative symptoms worse. Once the positive symptoms are under control, he has a better sense of who he is, and then he can see the impact the negative symptoms have on his life.


Positive symptoms can land you in the Hospital, and Negative symptoms drain the life right out of you.

Right now and for a while, my Negative symptoms are more dominant - Im Lifeless.


Negatives. At least the positives are obviously not right. I know I shouldn’t be hallucinating. But the negative symptoms are ones that creep up on you and they eat you down to nothing before you even notice. The positive symptoms are clearly not supposed to be there, but the negative symptoms are like you’re fine and then you wake up one day and just realize " damn…what happened to me"


Thank you all for your responses… I am trying to have a better understanding of what my son goes through and you are all very helpful. thanks again


take care :alien:


I just tried to answer this question by flipping a coin. But it fell in the gutter and my budget wouldn’t allow me to risk losing another one.


Negative. I could sacrifice my left arm to be happy again. To feel anything but boring. No motivation to do anything. I do stuff, I keep myself busy and active. But I get no rewards in my brain for doing stuff I know is fun or important.