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OMG! Negative symptoms

What has worked for anyone with negative symptoms? They are making me suicidal!!

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What’s helped me is reading positive thinking books. And books about SZ. The life stories help me to know I’m not alone.

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Welcome to the group, if you are feeling suicidal due to negative symptoms of schizophrenia then you really need to speak to your doctor. I mean that very sincerely.

My son has only the negative symptoms to contend with these days since he is on a good regiment of medicine that has stopped his voices and most all of his delusions. Typically the negative symptoms are the least serious of the symptoms consisting of lethargy and lack of motivation, tendency to be anti social and sometimes lack of focus.

Of course everyone is different but if suicidal thoughts or ideation became an issue with my son I would hurry to get him back to his psychiatrist to re-evaluate and check the effectiveness of his meds. Since he has been stable mentally on his medications I see the negative symptoms as his mother but if he is asked he will tell anyone that he is quite happy and content. If I try to “remedy” the negative symptoms by trying to get him more motivated than he wants to be or force him to socialize or something like that then he will clearly be upset and withdraw.

Please make sure to address this with your doctor as suicidal thoughts or ideations are very serious and there is help for it. I wish you the very best going forward. I also recommend contacting NAMI and checking out their peer to peer recovery support group as an added idea. NAMI Connection | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Take care.