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Why can't anyone but us understand

I’ve brought this up before and have seen a few post on the same subject. The time it take to go before an ALJ. I brought this up to the doctor and he said my daughter’s case worker could help get her into housing. (I don’t see how seeing as her case worker doesn’t seem to do anything). I received a call from a law firm specializing in disability who said the wait time to go before an ALJ in our are is 14 - 16 months. It can only be moved up based on dire need. Which ours was not. She can’t work, I can’t work outside the home because she needs someone to care for her. Our only car has been repossessed, house taxes cannot be paid. She told me dire need is reserved for people who are terminal. That’s great, so the court system is only willing to move disability along if a person does not have that much longer to live. This is crazy. How can they do this?

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In some states, I think state benefits can kick in before federal? I’ve heard that - I don’t know for sure.

Is there any online work you can do? I can point you to some sites you can make money at if you have decent writing skills, and I know there are other opportunities out there for work-at-home jobs where you work when you can. It’s not always easy work, but the money is very real. I started out playing around just to see how it worked, but I make enough money off of it to consider it a side job, and some people make a full-time living off of it.

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Yes, please point to some sites for working from home. I have a writing background.

PM is good too.

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Many states have emergency type funding. Some even have cash available.

This has some resources:

Yes, please point me to the sites for at home work. Thanks so much.