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Hearing tomorrow

Hi all. Our hearing before the administrative law judge for my daughter is tomorrow. We are both very nervous about the hearing. Please pray for a good judge and that the SSI is finally approved.


Good luck @dkgreg I hope you get the SSI!!! I am sure it will be helpful!

Did you get approval?

Here’s an update on the SSI hearing. My daughter had the hearing yesterday and there was a psychiatrist and a vocational expert present who said she cannot work in any job capacity. The lawyer said the hearing went very well and the judge told my daughter to wait for a letter with his decision to be mailed within 2 - 3 months. I did not know it took so long for a decision to be made, but I sure hope she is approved.


There is a program here called and (pretty sure that’s the name) in CO. They can get $ while waiting for the ssi to kick in. Up to $180 a month. It’s through the Housing Dept. - same place you apply for food stamps. Maybe you have something like that where you live? I can get more details for you if you want. I’m sure your daughter will get the ssi.

They say 2-3 months but I think you will be approved based on what you said and I think that letter will be closer to the 2 months rather than the 3. You know I am rooting for you both, you have worked so hard to get this in place. Always my best to you.