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Why does my son wear winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter?


My son wears hoodies, sweats and sock hats in the summer…he used to be GQ, now he’s more mountain man…he’s on Invega Trinza 4 times a year.


My husband w paranoid sz dressed similarly. Shorts inside in the winter–which, I kinda get if your house or apt is overheated. But then he would often overdress in layers in Summer. Think he once said something about not wanting to feel exposed.


My son (17) does the same thing! I ask him “aren’t you hot?” His response in an annoyed voice, “No, Mom, I’m not hot.” It has been hovering close to 100 degrees here and humid. He is very hot natured anyhow (used to refer to him as my little heater when he was little), so I can’t understand how he wouldn’t swelter in the hoodies and sweatpants. I’ve since learned just to leave him alone about it. He wears the same clothes for days in a row and he also does not like to wear underwear. Gave me a speech about how wearing underwear kills the sperm. So I just let it go.


When my son bundles up in the summer, he also denies being hot. So if they’re wearing winter clothes in the summer so as not to be exposed? Then what’s the excuse for wearing summer clothes in the winter? LOL! See what I mean? My son has gone outside in winter weather in shorts and says he’s not cold. There is a thing called dysregulation of body temperature. I have to look that up again. I once read an article somewhere about the old asylums, before antipsychotic medication, and that people with Sz who were completely psychotic, however it’s correct to say, not to be offensive obviously, but that they could be operated on, like remove appendix, WITHOUT anaesthesia! They at some point didn’t feel pain! Ugh! How horrible. Our poor loved ones with this illness . . . .I’ve been crying all day for my son.