Winter coat in hot weather

Hi, I am new here. My son came back home on Tuesday and wears his winter coat when its 28 degrees outside, regardless of the sweating. He is on Clozapine. I guess I have to let him be and not nag. It just worries me

Hi @Tricia4 . My daughter wears heavy clothing in hot weather also. Really, I wouldn’t worry about it. There probably is no way for you to change it.


Thank you very much for your reply @oldladyblue. This is some comfort to know. Also, a bit relieved not to feel so alone and sharing with Mums and Dads who care about their so loved children :heart:

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My son does the same thing. Not heavy coats but long sleeves and sweatshirts. I have to remind myself to pick my battles


Hey @Tricia4 your post took me back some years ago to being in the caribbean. As you can imagine it was hot and my son was in his winter coat most of the time. Must have seemed strange to other people, but at the time i felt it was the least of my worries :smirk: Tried to make a joke of it but that didnt go down well ! Just had to leave him be.


My son does the same… If I push a little… 2 or 3 times he will remove it.
He also likes to ties knots… shoelaces have 20 knots in them.


Feeling your pains! My son wears shorts in the heat but cannot keep them up!!! He’s constantly got a pocket out, hanging his a** out, dragging a shoestring. His shirts often stained and never actually put on and straightened.

Always a battle to keep him showering routinely and using deodorant.

Just a walking hot mess. ‘Dad, I just don’t care’…. I know son, but we care and while you live with us we need you to do the absolute bare minimum to stay reasonably clean and your parts mostly covered….


Thank you so much for your share Penelope. Gives me peace of mind :blush:

My daughter is on clozapine and always dresses too warmly for the weather. I wonder if it’s a side effect? I’ve never investigated it.

My son was on another medication before, he would still wear inappropriately for the seasons, even 3/4 years before being diagnosed. Is your daughter feeling lethargic and lacking motivation. Also, always hungry?

I’ve got personal issues with clothing’s as well. In the winter I wear winter jacket and in the summer I wear T-shirt and summer West. The only clothing I don’t change is my winter jeans even in summer. The reason for this strange behavior is that I carry my keys in my jeans and I’m scared of loosing them if I wear summer travses