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Wondering your thoughts

Can any one share info on Taking clozapine and a antidepressant called Luvox together any good or bad comments You can share just wondering for my son thank you

My ex-NAMI teacher friend looked up Luvox. It’s an ssri antidepressant. She says “ I know at least some antidepressants can be given along with clozapine. There might be some contraindications between some pairings. And it would depend on the individuals. For my son , due to the bipolar side of his sza, we watched for mania going too high from the antidepressant.”

I hope that helps.

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Yes thank you for responding my sons doctor mentioned it today and yes she mentioned they would have to monitor him more and no bipolar diagnosis I just thought I would do my homework on it as well - they may start it on him in a week -

I hope the combination works for your son. Good luck!

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Hey Lovemom. I always like to suggest talking with your local pharmacist if you can when you have concerns about med combinations. Most are more than happy to share what they know. It is, after all, their specialty! Don’t take your pharmacists for granted! They can be a plethora of knowledge that we can tap into that we often overlook. Often they will be happy to get back to you with a phone call if they feel that they too want to do more research. It’s excellent also that you ask around for first hand experiences like you do here. The combination of the two should give you a good idea of what to expect and what to watch out for.
I used to work in healthcare and you’d be surprised how often I’d go to fill scrips for a patient just to have the pharmacist look at me and say “Are these for the same person? I won’t fill both of these together. Who’s the prescribing doctor? I’ll call. We have to find an alternative for one.”
The knowledge and info is out there!
Keep us posted. Hope you’ve found the good balance for your son!

Thank you I never thought of asking a pharmacist-a excellent resource right in front of me and never thought of it :upside_down_face: