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Won't shower or bath

How can I get him to shower? It has been weeks. The odor is horrible.

Will he use clean wipes and dry shampoo ?

I would bribe him with money , it works with my son


Yes, I use money, cigarettes, ice cream…

My son used to tell my daughter to get in the shower because she stinks, he would bother her relentlessly until she took a shower. It worked for her. I could tell her and she might take a shower if I tell her every day for three days and every few hours.

My son doesn’t care for personal hygiene either. is 21 ml think he’s brushed his teeth since he was like 12 he wants to go get him worked on but I’m afraid that just a cleaning is going to be really bad on it. These poor kids… My heart breaks for them. My heart also breaks for us the people that love them. It’s like I lost my son my cute little funny Happy kid it’s like you died and was replaced with someone else a stranger.


If he is able or actively gets out of the house at all and you live anywhere near a natural body of water that isn’t too populated see if he’s interested in a ‘vacation’ or ‘holiday’ on the beach. Go swimming.
If you’re urban, make a clean, welcoming, comforting bathroom environment that he has access to…but not TOO clean…