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How do you encourage cleaning room and showering more

My son is only showering 1 time per week. What can I do besides directly saying - you need to shower more often - to encourage showering and cleaning his room more. I bought him a laundry basket, garbage and recycling basket. Next I’m buying him a tub for the dishes he can’t seem to get to the dishwasher on a regular basis. He has an electric toothbrush and water pick and razor.

My daughter is beginning to lose her regular hygiene habits. She used to be very regular with showering and cleaning, but over the years of her illness, she is not cleaning herself or her room as often. Right now her hair is in bad need of washing, but well, I just don’t push it directly. I asked her if she wants me to buy her another kind of shampoo. I also asked if she wants to get her hair trimmed. She wears the same clothes all day and all night sometimes.

I think with wellness/stability comes some slight improvements in that area. My son was a once a week bather at first (if that) and he bathes every third day and that took a few years to get to. In the beginning he didn’t clean up anything but now he does more than his fair share of chores. He will still go to sleep in his street clothes he wore all day though and in the morning (his morning is about 1 pm) he will change his shirt. I have had no luck getting him to wear pajamas or his boxers and a tee. He has been relatively stable for more than 8 years.

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My husband buys me new bodywash with nice scents. I like trying out different ones. Right now I am in a slump and really need to shower. It can be sifficult to want to do anything when sick.

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Thanks @ZombieMombie. I just got him new clothes that say they reduce odor (surprisingly he doesn’t smell). I’ll have to think up something that would encourage him like new soaps or body washes he may like.

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