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Worried for my son who just got of jail

My son is schizophrenic and just got of jail he was in there for 6 months , He was with community solution, and had a doctor now he has none of that they closed his case, Now he has to get revaluated from a doc which that isn’t gonna happen because he doesn’t think he needs meds, im really worried because he isn’t on meds.

@Bettyboop1961 - Will he be coming home to live with you? Hopefully, he will be ok off the meds. I do know of a few cases where that happened. I think most people here will tell you to do what you can to keep him on and recommend Dr. Amador’s book I’m not sick, I don’t need help and learn the technique called Leap which has helped son people stay on medication.

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Absolutely! Echo that, specially Dr. Amador’s book… to try to make some deals.