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Worried...need advice


My son is going through a paranoid psychosis right now, and has been for over a month. He is not taking any medication or seeing any medical help. I feel its coming to a head…and don’t know what to do about it. He is 35, so I have no way to help him, unless he wants me too. He has not been self aware for over a year. Any idea’s


Hi Karen,

This article on our web site might be of help:

I know from experience its a difficult problem. If there are any signs of violence - you can get him into treatment. Do your research in advance to find out the options in your area. Talk with NAMI in your area too:

I will post more later, but this should get you going.


Here is a list of the best possible treatment centers. The early you can get him into treatment - the better the outcome:


Here is another good resource:

You can also call them if you need additional input.


I’d try to get him into the hospital and on med’s. The criteria for an involuntary commitment is that the person must be “a danger to himself or others”. The way that is interpreted can vary. I’ve heard of judges refusing to commit someone because he wasn’t an immediate threat to himself or others. They committed me, though, and I don’t think I was an immediate threat to myself or others. Hopefully, you won’t have to go to court. Usually they have a mental health professional evaluate a person and decide whether or not to commit him. You will only have to go to court if your son demands it after being evaluated.


Please just make time to talk to him.

You are his mother I guess- KarenE

Make him a priority if you can.

You have got to love him and understand how he feels about life.

This may help.

I am schizophrenic myself, good thoughts help people like us.


Hi Karen~
Im kind of going through the same thing myself right now with my son. He will be 38 this month. Dont know if your son lives with you.
My son has his own place. He does not want to take medication and I have to respect that as long as I know he`s “there” so to speak. He is getting pretty hard to deal with to the point where I will not go around him.
I have no instructions for this. Just to wait it out.
Sorry-wish I had more…


Hi Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you.

I ended up calling the Mobile Response Team to go and check on him. They picked him up and took him to the hospital. That was 2 1/2 weeks ago. They certified him for 30 days to start, it can be extended He went before a review board last Friday and they deemed him incompetent and made me responsible for his treatment. For the first time in many years I don’t have to get disclosure from him to talk with the medical staff. He no longer can refuse to take his medication, I have final say in his treatment. We are looking at giving him shots every two weeks or once a month. If he doesn’t show up for his shot within 24 hours, the police will go find him and bring him in.

I have spent many years trying to find ways to help him…and myself. Each time he’s become critical, I’ve found out a little more information. For some reason it is very hard for family or caregivers to get information on how to handle the situation. I have spent hours and hours on the phone, calling anyone I could think of to help me know what to do.

Don’t give up, each situation is different, and it depends on where you live as to what the legal issues are.

My son lives in a different province and is a good 5 hour drive away. Its hard to deal with it from a distance. I went there once he had been picked up, and spent his first 3 days in the hospital with him.

Do you live in Canada?


I do talk to him on a regular basis. I love him with all my heart and respect him completely.
Unfortunately, he no longer had touch with reality and was in a very dark, scary delusion. It only got worse and worse. He is starting to come around now that he is being given medication.
Thank you for you input. It is very valuable to me.



The criteria has changed. It now is “a danger to himself or others…and his mental health is deteriorating”. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate your advice.


I’m glad that you are finally getting somewhere and that your son is getting treatment.

I agree that different provinces can have different legal issues. I know that in British Columbia they require someone on the outside to be advised of treatment and that person can get included I think without a release or waiver. I’m in Ontario and that doesn’t apply here. Privacy laws!