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"Would you cross this bridge?"


Melanie Jimenez describes so beautifully the bravery and courage all of have facing this illness. I am constantly in awe of my son. He doesn’t say when he is fighting some demon of his mind, be it voices or anxiety, whatever it may be. But I can see it in his eyes, how he holds himself, when he has his music plugged into his ears. He is the strongest person I know. I am so proud of how he faces this illness and finds the courage to stare it down even on his worst days!

“We are all looking at this bridge and in the end, every last one of us is a brave soul, a pioneer, a conquistador and in spite of its scariness, the bridge holds our weight and it teaches us, over and over, that in one form or another we are beating this illness.”



Hes prolly intellectualy strong …you can usually see that in a persons eyes.

May God Bless your son and you.