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Zinc and effect of cannabis

A friend proposed taking zinc to help with schizophrenia. Any info on the validity of this claim?

Another recommended cannabis use to help with schizophrenia. I am skeptical of this treatment since cannabis can contribute to schizophrenia’s onset. However, I do not know its effect on someone that is already diagnosed and in the grip of schizophrenia.

Info on either topic will be appreciated.

My sons doctor said CBD may be the thing to fix sz (without taking the meds) but absolutely not pot with thc.

There are other threads about marijuana on this site. I recommend you look at them. There is a medical site that contains lots of research. I recommend looking at https://NCBI. National Center for Biotechnology Information. Look under the section “Promed” and you can search for articles related to your interest (such as “Schizophrenia and Zinc”)