2014 Peace of Minds Walk For Schizophrenia Ontario Canada


In May, join the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario (SSO) for the 21st annual Peace of Minds Walk.

Join families, friends and supporters as they come together in communities across Ontario to rally support and awareness while raising funds to help individuals and families affected by schizophrenia and psychosis. The Peace of Minds Walk is SSO’s largest fundraising event with all donations will going towards crucial programs and services that support people living with schizophrenia. Take part in a day of fun that includes exercise, live music, food and festivities.


Going to go to Oakville today and support the team I sponsored. Their fundraising goal was $500 and they have reached $900. Yah Canadian Mental Health Association- Halton Region Branch


I wish it wasn’t so far, I would join you!


Sporting a new peace of minds walk shirt and holding the homemade quilt I won in the raffle :sunny:

My dress is purple too :wink:


Very cool – love the quilt! Is your son walking too?


We didn’t walk. Just sponsored and showed up to show support. No my son didn’t come.

They raised $20,000 :smile:


BringChange2Mind had a walk in Atlanta last October. I really wanted to participate but son was very unwell so I just couldn’t do it. I’m hoping there will be another this fall and if son is doing ok I would love for him to participate also. Not sure if he would though.


My son doesn’t show much interest in anything that I do or talk about regarding schizophrenia.

I think this is the second event in over a year that I have attended. I want to be more involved and show my support however it just doesn’t happen or as you say our loved ones are not doing well at the time.


That is a very cool looking quilt. Someone really put in a lot of care. Plus, 20,000 dollars? :thumbsup:

My brother will send a bit of extra change in to some of the SZ support groups, but his passion is The Millionaire’s Club; a homeless advocacy group, and Seed Savers Exchange. He like’s leaving SZ on the shelf as much as he can. He’s getting better about paying attention to stuff like this, but he won’t go.

Yet :wink:


It was made in memory of someone. I’m thinking someone with SZ or a supporter. Yes it is a nice quilt :smile:


I think the walk is great never heard of it