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2015: The Year Mental Illness Finally Got Some Respect on TV


By Julie Kliegman

Mental health on TV has been enjoying a quiet transformation in recent years, and in 2015, the change grew louder. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is using a musical format to highlight the complexities of anxiety and depression. You’re the Worst’s Gretchen Cutler got one of the more interesting and accurate representations of depression on TV. BoJack Horseman’s bright, silly universe belies its title character’s depression and substance abuse. Where depictions on TV were once almost exclusively demeaning and dismissive, many now feel nuanced and compassionate.


Yeah, it’s depression this and depression right now, it’s become de-stigmatized, but mental illnesses like borderline personality disorder and schizophrenia still remain extremely stigmatized and when it isn’t, it’s romanticized.


Yes, I think that’s true. And i do find it frustrating. Actually, my son can be very witty about his schizophrenia sometimes. he starts laughing about what he was thinking and saying in a past psychotic break, and then goes off on quite a funny roll about it. I mean I note that people here on the diagnosed board do the same thing sometimes. Maybe there should be a sit-com with a character with schizophrenia and a wicked sense of humour!