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When mental illness enters the family | Dr. Lloyd Sederer (Video)


What do people think of this video?


I only watched the first 6 minutes or so, but unless there was a surprise during the end, it was very good practical advice.


Yes, I liked that #1 was get some support for yourself and #2 was don’t fight with them - nice to offer to people who have a freshly diagnosed family member some basic advice besides get yourself to the next Family to Family class. Unfortunately, there isn’t a class starting up each week that is readily available.

People will have to watch to find out 3 & 4 …


I think it was very good advice and a great reminder of the leverage we have. I liked the video and the reminders it offered, especially about raising voices and not giving up hope. Thank you for sharing this.


Excellent advice! Thanks for sharing.


This was excellent! Mental illness affects mood, behavior and thinking. The problems persist for weeks months and years. I think it is true they do not get better on their own due to lack of personal insight. I have now understood dealing with mental illness is more like a marathon than a sprint. I am now keeping a journal to advocate for my son, and am not ignoring or fighting with him. So much in this short video that was informative. Thank you very much, I am grateful and took a lot of notes!.