Deseret News - How TV is changing perceptions of mental disorders


While portrayals of mental illness in the media have become more accurate in recent years, some films and TV shows continue to form and spread stigmas about mental disorders.


Things have changed so much in my life time. When I read books from the 70’s- 2000 there is a lot of the same attitude over and over.

From 2000 to now is when I notice a shift in books and mentioning of treatments and seeing the “hopeless and helpless” verbiage start to fade.

Now I don’t see the dire and bleak prognosis in recent books.

Spooky that they mention Renton Washington. It’s a suburb of Seattle.


I watch Homeland and Claire Dane’s portrayal of a person living with bipolar is very realistic. I suffer from bipolar on top of my schizophrenia - I think the show does a good job by not creating stigma