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40% live with their parents


In the forum for patients, of the 70+ respondents, over 40% live with their parents. That’s incredible.


Why incredible? Is that a good thing, or bad?


It’s not incredible it is called love. I had my second to last child at 42. She is 30 and had been fighting to become stable for 4 years. I think she became sick in her early 20’s, but was living with her father, he was in denile she was ill. Eventually my oldest daughter flew with her to my home in Texas. It was a miracle we got her on the plane, with the help of tranqulizers. Her father was controling and abusive, idiot. I will forever believe that he triggerd the onset of her illness. I’m 72 and full time caretaker for her. I thank God that I’m in good health, we take one day at a time. She started on Clozapam three weeks ago.Monday her Dr told me to stop the medication because her count was low…yesterday he told me she is extremely low WBC…tomorrow we see the Onocoligist.
The Clozapam was treating the positive aspects of this disease, but not the negative.


Absolutely. Frequently family / parents are the only option, and nobody wants to see their kids on the street.


Hailey, I can’t imagine the fear you must be going through. We here all know fear all to well. I will pray for your daughter and yourself. Never underestimate the power of love! Hang in there. Good night.


If my dad didn’t have me I strongly believe he’d be homeless in the street under a bridge or in a tent on the river and would be content with that


Yep, pretty much everyone here would know someone under that bridge with him.


It’s a lot but the proportion is going up generally for all young people:


At this time I’m the only one my daughter can live with. She has older sisters, but they are busy raising families. So far she is medication resistant. Some day’s are good, we go places and she has fun, then the next day the voices make her want to die they are so mean and accusatory. When it is bad like last night she will through up. All she is on right now is Trilaphon. Her Dr wanted her to take lithium, but the side affects sound so bad.