Was anyone else raised by a schizophrenic parent?


My dad raised me and at 25, I still live with him. It’s been rough, but he did his best. Could’ve been worse. How was your experience? What age did you move out?


I think my mom is undiagnosed scizophrenia. My mom’s illness can at times be very subtle and I did not realize the symptoms at first. Now she has acute delusions.
When I was younger she always had stories of grandeur, which we all believed were true, mostly memories of her heritage. Then as I became older in my mid 30s, I realized she was story telling but actually believed these wild stories! Now in her later life the delusions are of space ships and wild badgers that are 5ft tall running around. The docs diagnosis is dimentia or alzhiemers. But she has always been odd or off.
It wasn’t until my son Lou that I realized that MI runs in our famly. You see my parents moved away from all their family when I was very young and we never had any contact with them. As a young person growing up in a household with possibly two MI parents, it was my “norm”. It wasn’t until I left my parents home at 18 and met my partner that I realized my up bringing was not normal. Thanks to my husband of 42 yrs and his stability I was able to become a better person, raising our children in a healthy environment.
I still look after my mom who is 88 yrs old, I have more compassion and understanding with her.
As for my son who is currently forensically committed and facing some serious charges, he may never be okay or able to have a normal life. It’s a sad story, you can look at my activity in my early posts.
I have great compassion for all of you as well, such caring people on this site.
Pray for my son Lou if you would like, it is greatly appreciated. AnnieNorCal


My mother had bipolar one disorder with psychosis and did not receive effective and timely treatment. Her psychotic episodes were violent. She died during one due to her own actions. I was a teenager when she died, but she beat me up when I was a small child during one of her psychotic episodes. Our life together was never one with trust.


My mother is bipolar and had multiple psychotic episodes that required hospitalization. After my parents split up it fell to me and my sister to deal with her and get her hospitalized. Good times! However, now at least I have knowledge of the system and what to expect as I navigate this for the first time with my son.


My mother had major depressive disorder and was an alcoholic, my biological father left when I was 3 and he had undiagnosed mental illness and was an alcoholic as well, shortly thereafter my mother married another violently abusive alcoholic who was very controlling and narcissistic, I left home at 17 and never returned.


Sorry for the late reply. It’s wonderful that you met your husband that helped you to stability. I will definitely pray for Lou. Blessings.